Alpin wins Workforce of the Future Initiative at the BIG 5 Construction Impact Awards 2021

We here at Alpin have always valued the importance of our employees. It is our aim to ensure that our workforce, regardless of their background, are respected and supported in their careers and personal growth. To achieve this very objective, Alpin has introduced multiple programs such as the Alpin Innovation Labs, Alpin Excellence and Internship Program, the Alpin Diversity and Inclusivity Initiative, and the Alpin Healthy initiative. 

With the help of leadership support and designated task forces, these initiatives aim to ensure that all employees and internal stakeholders are given equal opportunity to continue and add value to their growth.

We believe in the potential of the next generation of thinkers. This is why we have implemented initiatives to attract the younger generation into our workforce and the wider industry. This is visible in our training and internship program. Providing training and knowledge-sharing opportunities is an integral part of keeping up with the innovation in the design and construction industry. This was the primary reason for the initiation of the Alpin Innovation Labs (AILA)

Additionally, Alpin’s Internship program focuses on nurturing future talent and giving them the skills and experience to solve the problems of tomorrow. From day one, our interns are mentored and allowed to engage in some of the most cutting-edge work, with measurable learning outcomes set for them in weekly plans. We are exceptionally proud to thwart the misconception about interns just making coffee, photocopying, or running endless errands. Over 90% of Alpin interns receive full-time job offers after they finish our program. Alpin has long since partnered up with universities, the newest being Heriot-Watt Dubai

Alpin has also implemented a safe environment for worker welfare on-site and at residences off-site. Our mission is to make sure projects are environmentally efficient and prioritize occupant health and wellbeing. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We believe that employee health and wellbeing should be a top priority within an organization because people are any company’s biggest asset. That’s why in 2019, Alpin Limited was the first organization in the Middle East to be awarded WELL Certification at the Silver Level for New and Existing Interiors by the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) and first to also get the WELL Health and Safety certification.

Since then we have upgraded our safety protocols after COVID altered work life. In addition to being WELL Certified, Alpin also has a strong Diversity and Inclusivity policy set in place to protect the welfare of our employees. The policy values individual differences, and promotes dignity and respect for all employees, and does not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination. We are immensely proud to have a diverse group of consultants that speak over 14 different languages and as of January 2021, the women that work at Alpin make up 36% of our team.

We want to positively impact the industry both locally and also on a larger scale. Putting sustainability of design and construction, and operation efficiency at the height of our focus. To provide innovative practices that promote an efficient, cost-effective, and industry-changing delivery of projects‘ success targets in terms of design, construction, and operations.

It is an honor to be recognized for our efforts by the means of the Workforce of the Future Initiative Award by the BIG 5 Construction Impact Awards 2021.