Women in Leadership at Alpin

The number of women in the construction industry has always been low, making up about 10% of the workforce in 2022. They are often the first ones to lose their jobs during major market changes like the great recession or the pandemic. Even with this job vulnerability, the women in construction are active participants in building some of the region’s largest and most important projects. They are also active participants in another crucial area: helping to recruit and guide more women into the industry and urging diversity in thought leadership. 

Many women in construction act as mentors, teachers, and advocates to help elevate the industry and make it an attractive career option for other women. Young professionals must see themselves represented and supported as they enter a work environment more accepting than their predecessors. 

Almost two years ago, Alpin launched the Alpin Diversity and Inclusion Initiative to create a community for our female consultants and team members and provide them with the support they need to achieve their goals. We also intend to make a broader impact on women in construction and sustainability. Many companies think that merely hiring more women will lead to workplace equality, but ensuring that women are also represented in management and executive positions is vital. At Alpin, we are dedicated to assuring leadership diversity, putting the gender proportionality principle into practice, and establishing strategies to empower women to advance into leadership roles. 

As we continue the work to make gender equality a reality, it is important to look back and shine a spotlight on the many women who lead Alpin to where we are today. 

Head of Climate Change & Policy, Tasneem Bakri

Tasneem Bakri started at Alpin in 2019 as an Operations Coordinator and has since grown to be the Head of Climate Change & Policy. As an ESG Specialist, Tasneem thoroughly studies businesses and their industry to assess environmental, social, and governance issues affecting the business and its investors. She holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Architectural Engineering with extensive knowledge in sustainability strategies, architectural design, and environmental systems. She is a LEED AP BD+C and a WELL AP / Faculty member, and passionate about promoting innovations in the health and well-being of building occupants. Tasneem has helped several organizations set up and execute their Sustainability / ESG strategies, provided training on Green Building Rating Systems, and managed certification projects. 

Being a leader is more than just guiding a team and ensuring profits; leaders with a desire and vision to make a difference in the world are the ones who leave a lasting impact. Tasneem’s leadership qualities shine best when she supports clients, organizing their strategies and sustainability initiatives. Constantly working on improving herself and her work, Tasneem has concluded her CSR & Strategy Execution training from Wharton and Harvard Business School. She is responsible for developing unique solutions to energy consumption and assisting in developing strategies that ensure significant steps are taken to lower the client’s carbon footprint and demand.

“The value of women in leadership positions is integral to the success of any organization. The insights, knowledge, and technical capabilities that are coupled with unique management styles that females bring to the table are the recipe to getting things done!” 



Strategic Development Manager – Camille Hubert

Camille is a crucial member of Alpin’s senior team and is the head of the Business Development department responsible for all client outreach and acquisition. She joined the team over five years ago and has grown into her role as the Strategic Development Manager and oversees a team of 7. 

Because the construction industry is still one of the most male-dominated in the world, Camille quickly recognized the lack of support that existed for women in the field and, with the help of higher management, started the Alpin Women Initiative. This support group for women in construction attempted to equip them with the confidence and tools to prosper. This initiative quickly grew to encompass many other variables and is now the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. 

“We are proud to be a part of the businesses advancing change and enhancing the working circumstances for women. Making substantial progress one decision at a time has required the full support of our leadership team, which has been essential in improving our policies, auditing, and adapting our practices. We are thrilled to be able to make the required changes to develop a more diverse and welcoming corporate environment!”

Sustainability Manager, Hoda Ibrahim

Hoda Ibrahim joined Alpin in October 2022 with over 16 years of experience as a Sustainability Manager. Based in Cairo, she oversees our projects for Egypt/ North Africa Region. 

Hoda’s impressive credentials include a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering Management and Technology and an ongoing  PhD Candidacy in Sustainable Development that focuses on implementing the triple bottom line “People, Planet & Profit” model.

She is also a WELL AP, LEED GA & AP, EDGE Expert & Auditor, USGBC Faculty, EDGE Faculty, EPD Specialist, and LEED Technical Advisory Group Member for Material and Resources Category.

Her responsibilities as a Sustainability Manager include guiding our clients in their sustainability journeys, overseeing the entire LEED certification process during both design and construction phases; reviewing project documentation/submittals to ensure compliance with LEED requirements; preparing sustainability reports for projects; as well as setting up business plans for sustainable services within Egypt & Africa region. Before Alpin, she managed projects in MENA and Africa regions using rating systems such as LEED, Edge, Estidama, Tarsheed WELL HQE RWGBO, etc., while writing architectural, civil specifications engineering, and sustainability requirements that met CSI QCS standards.

Furthermore, since 2006, she has volunteered with numerous organizations like USGBC, Greenbuild International Conference Expo, World GBC, Egypt GBC, Emirates GBC, Life Makers Foundation, and ICAN (International Campaign To Abolish Nuclear Weapons).

Throughout these professional and volunteer experiences, she gained valuable insight into sustainable development practices, which has enabled her to contribute effectively towards making our built environment more sustainable. As part of her leadership in Green Building, she has been actively encouraging and training manufacturers in the MENA region for Green Building and Supply Chains to deliver related reporting and certifications such as LEED, EPD, C2C, HPD, VOC, etc. Since 2013 she has also trained many undergraduates and professionals on the subject of green building rating systems. Her expertise lies not only in providing theoretical knowledge but also in practical guidance for the successful implementation of these concepts into practice.

‘’I understand that success in sustainability requires more than just technical knowledge; it also involves having strong interpersonal skills and being able to motivate people from different backgrounds while keeping everyone focused on achieving their objectives towards healthy and green spaces for everyone everywhere. ’’


Team Leader KSA – Sustainability, Haifa AlHajji

Haifa is the first woman to join the team in KSA. She is a Team Leader in our rapidly growing Sustainability Department and is responsible for managing projects, allocating resources, and leading a team of consultants and engineers. 

Haifa has over 12 years of diverse work experience in the Middle East. Her experience includs architectural design, sustainable design, interior design, project management, stakeholder management, lecturing, and training. She holds a Master of Science in Environmental Design of Buildings from Cardiff University. She is also a WELL AP, LEED AP, Mostadam AP, certified PMP, and a proud member of the USGBC Faculty. 

Before joining Alpin, Haifa was a professor at Prince Sultan University, where her research interests included exploring passive strategies that optimize thermal comfort in Hot-Arid Cities such as Riyadh City. As a lecturer, she has extensive experience in workshop development and training. She has since brought those skills over, making her responsible for offering training seminars on LEED and Mostadam to high-profile clients in KSA.

“Two ongoing missions underpin my career as a woman in construction: One is to continue the successes and always strive to go above and beyond with the support of our inspiring leadership and the fantastic talent in the team, and the other is paving the path for other women in the industry which is something I very much take pride in. “


Alpin Internship Program

Working in a profession where men predominate is challenging. As women advance in their jobs, they can make sure they are accessible as resources for young women in the construction industry by responding to their inquiries, offering advice, motivating them to pursue their goals, and inspiring them.

Providing training and knowledge-sharing opportunities is an integral part of keeping up with the innovation in the design and construction industry. This was the primary reason for initiating the Alpin Internship program focused on nurturing future talent and giving them the skills and experience to solve tomorrow’s problems. 

From day one, our interns are mentored and allowed to engage in some of the most cutting-edge work, with measurable learning outcomes set for them in weekly plans. 

Over 90% of Alpin interns receive full-time job offers after they finish our program. We are proud to say that our Junior Energy Modeler, Vinuki Arachchi, and our Junior Sustainability Consultant, Sara Al Rifaei, joined us as interns and have since been permanently welcomed into the Team. 

Junior Energy Modeler – Vinuki Arachchi

Vinuki got her Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from Heriot-Watt University and joined as an intern at Alpin in June 2022, directly after completing her studies. She began her career with Energy Modelling and has since also been involved in daylight and shading analysis in various green building rating systems, including LEED, Estidama, and BREEAM. Vinuki works with several software, including IES-VE, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit, and Navisworks, to complete the project requirements. She aims to further develop her career by gaining a Master’s degree and exploring more subjects within the sustainability field.

“As a young woman in my first job, the initial step was seeking advice and getting to know past experiences from women in the workplace and others in the same industry. Learning from others and sharing that knowledge will not just give you a successful career ahead but also the women who will join the industry in the future. Gain confidence and communicate your ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Diversity of thought is what enriches a workplace, and that is evidently presented at Alpin.”

“Leadership isn’t about the title; it’s about your actions. For me, leadership extends beyond the construction industry, as I aspire to create positive change in my community. At Alpin, we foster an empowering work environment that values and supports employees in achieving their goals. As a woman seeking opportunities in construction, my advice is to speak up and negotiate for what you deserve, even if the title or salary doesn’t align with your skill set. Additionally, embrace your unique perspective and be mindful of how your decisions may impact your career trajectory in the future.” says Sara Al Reifi, Junior Sustainability Consultant.

Our junior consultants already see a change in the industry and face fewer obstacles as they follow the paved path of their more experienced colleagues. In their career so far, they have been able to competitively negotiate their starting salaries, gain equal opportunity in the workplace, and be recognized for their hard work and effort. 

These might seem like small, mundane accomplishments but they go a long way in empowering young female leaders better to navigate the workings of a largely male-dominated industry. Being surrounded by successful women inspires hope and drive for bigger and greater things. It also alters policy to accommodate their gender differences. Alpin’s Maternity leave goes beyond the local average and was one of the many projects the D&I task group worked on. The new policy allows our female employees to benefit from up to 90 additional days of paid leave in addition to the government-mandated 45 days. We wanted to show our commitment to providing expecting and new mothers with the support and flexibility they would require during and directly after pregnancy.

As Alpin continues to grow, we are committed to ensuring that there exists a space that is more diverse, welcoming, and productive place for all. As we continue to reach toward an equally gendered workforce, we want to ensure that women at Alpin continue to grow like their male counterparts and reach the decision-making process. 

Alpin management made a strong commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace. By 2022, both the part that women play within the organization and the responsibilities they have received have significantly increased. We are very proud of the changes we have started to make as part of our D&I initiative. 

Learn more about our Diversity and Inclusivity Initiative.