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We Created a Program to Promote Employee Wellbeing. Here’s Why.

Want to know what employee wellbeing looks like in practice? At Alpin, we set out to develop a program that would promote employee wellbeing in effective ways.

The results of this initiative, Alpin Healthy, have more than exceeded our expectations. Here’s how.

What is Alpin Healthy?

Alpin Healthy is our initiative to promote employee wellbeing. With Alpin Healthy, we want to foster employee wellbeing both at work and at home. We do it by focusing on a few core areas:

Healthy eating

At our office in Masdar City, we offer plenty of organic fruit and green tea. During our breakfasts and lunches, we offer fresh and nutritious food.

Reusable water bottles

Our employees can enjoy quality water thanks to our BPA-free water coolers and BPA-free reusable water bottles.

Safe and healthy working conditions 

At Alpin, we work to achieve safe and healthy working conditions in many ways. We have a rigorous cleaning and sanitation plan in place. Training is given to employees so that health and safety is a priority in their lives. We offer coaching and guidance on things like healthy eating and first aid. 

Sports and recreation 

We organize sports and team activities for our employees. We encourage employees to participate in events like fitness events and team exercise by sponsoring community events. 


We work hard to ensure that our workplace fosters wellbeing. We utilize 100% natural lighting, all offices have a view to outside spaces, and our air quality exceeds ASHRAE standards by 30%. We use ergonomic office furniture.

WELL Silver and LEED Gold certifications

Our offices are designed to promote employee wellbeing. That’s why we’ve been awarded by the International Well Building Institute and US Green Building Council with WELL certification at the silver level and LEED Gold certification as the first in the Middle East.

Why do we put so much effort into promoting our employees’ wellbeing?

So, why do we put so much effort into employee wellbeing?

Great question. In fact, our initiative is backed up by quite a lot of data.

According to the Financial Times, research shows that by focusing on wellbeing, employees can gain almost a full day a week in terms of productivity. In other words, employee wellbeing is good for the bottom line.

Second, employee wellbeing is one of our core values. We believe that employees are a company’s competitive advantage. They are what makes the company thrive. Not promoting employee wellbeing would be an extremely bad business decision.

But there’s one more thing we need to figure out. Has our initiative led to any tangible results? That’s what we’ll look at next. 

What have the results been?

At Alpin, we believe in doing things with tangible results. And we’re already seeing some excellent results thanks to Alpin Healthy. Take Hani, who is one of our amazing colleagues.

Hani decided to transform his life and through hard work and determination, he was able to go from 140kg (308lbs) to 70kg (154lbs).

Now, fitness is a major part of his life. Plus, the transformation was internal, too. According to Hani, he feels more confident and is happy that others around him see him as an inspiration.

Take a look at Hani’s story here:

Over to you!

So, there you have it. With Alpin Healthy, our team members have been able to get some amazing results. Now over to you: Learn more about Alpin Healthy program.