problems in construction industry

Problems in the Construction Industry: Challenges & Solutions

What’s one of the most inefficient industries in the world? Simple: The construction industry. With Alpin Innovation Labs (AILA), we intend to change this and solve the problems in the construction industry. Here’s how.

Why is the construction industry in need of innovation?

Here’s the thing: The construction industry is notoriously inefficient. 

Projects are rarely delivered on time or within budget. Operational costs are often higher than predicted. And while there are many solutions out there, the industry is still lagging behind when it comes to sustainability. 

In fact: According to the Economist, the construction industry is the least efficient industry. Plus, the industry is one of the least sustainable industries. About 20%of the world’s emissions are caused by the construction industry. 

And it makes sense. While most other industries are quickly adopting digital tools and becoming more sustainable, the construction industry often is not. 

It’s clear that the industry needs new ideas and solutions. And that’s what we do at Alpin Innovation Labs.

How AILA is changing the construction industry for the better

At AILA, our mission is to provide innovative practices that solve the problems in the construction industry and change the way construction projects are run. We want to see efficient and cost-effective practices in place. 

How do we do this? For example:

  • We introduce new services to the market that will help the industry transition from paperwork to digital solutions.
  • We develop processes that support the efficient delivery of projects’ success targets.
  • We utilize technology to ensure the highest levels of quality development.

To achieve this, we use technologies like augmented reality, drones, and proprietary software that is integrated into our services.

But what does it look like in practice? That’s what we’ll look at next.

How AILA helps you create better construction projects 

How does AILA help you set up and implement more effective construction projects? Here are our core focus areas:

MEP forensics and independent analytics

Construction projects are getting more complicated than ever. With our forensics services, we investigate and analyze the cause of any failures or defects that might arise during a project’s operational phase. 

Building asset condition assessments

With our condition assessments, we deliver high tech data that helps you determine the condition of your building assets. Because we’re able to pinpoint risks and problems before they become major issues, we can minimize costs and the environmental impact. 

Building performance analytics

At AILA, we simulate how a building will function over time both during the early design stage and the operations stage. This way, we can determine what can be done for energy-efficiency and cost-efficiency. 

Thermal Imaging drone inspections

With the help of drones, we can carry out cost-effective site inspections. You see, by using drones to detect faults, we help reduce the need for expensive manpower. You get faster feedback, which helps you take action right away.

Alpin + Measurabl (Operational Data at your Fingertips)

At AILA, we’ve partnered with Measurabl so that we can provide you with the world’s foremost building analytics service. We check for discrepancies and irregularities so that your reports are always up to date. This helps construction projects become more sustainable, as sustainability begins with collecting data.

Alpin CxCloud

Alpin CxCloud is all about offering applications and software solutions that enable you to deliver better-performing systems for your buildings, improve operations, and quickly adapt to changes in business demands. 


Noise control is a must for the health and wellbeingof your building’s occupants. With our acoustics services, we help you create the best acoustical solutions for your project.

What’s ahead for the construction industry?

That’s it. That’s how we’re working on solving the problems in the construction industry and changing the industry for the better. 

After all, we need innovative solutions to figure out how to make the industry more sustainable and effective now and in the future.

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