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At Alpin, we are committed to ongoing research into every aspect of sustainable and environmental design for spaces, buildings, communities and cities. Whether you want to evaluate a new product or source funding for a fresh, innovative company, we can provide you with excellent support. Our consultants have years of experience in working with industrial and academic partners on exciting, joint research projects - projects that pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Why Are University Research Partnerships So Important?

As thought leaders in the field of cleantech sustainability and the built environment, we believe that we have a responsibility to pass on our expertise. By forging relationships with academic and industry experts, we can ensure that research continues to keep this vital field of work alive. It also helps that our headquarters is ideally placed in Abu Dhabi’s MIT partnership research university, Masdar Institute.

Our University Research Services


We pride ourselves in having created some strong industry partnerships with leading firms in the environmental field. Our consultants can help you assess a new product or source funding for a new firm.

Educational Initiatives

We’ve worked on a range of exciting and pioneering projects with academic institutions and research organizations around the world. As well as offering research and development work support, we can help arrange potential commercial sponsorship of postgraduate and postdoctoral research.


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