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Work with us and together we can protect what’s important: People, Assets, Operations, and the Planet.

To help you achieve your results, we adopt a risk-based and systematic approach to deliver spaces and places that are safe and feel safe. We work to solve some of the most pressing challenges facing society and our built environment today and we will continuously innovate and improve to be at the cutting edge of our profession.

What is Security Intelligence & Smart City Protection?

Our team of professionals help our clients protect people, property and the planet from a wide range of evolving security threats. We can be engaged at every stage in the life of an asset to provide confidence that risks have been managed appropriately, that investment in protective measures deliver tangible benefits and to deliver great places and spaces.

Our approach to Security Intelligence & Smart City Protection

Your project needs to fulfill the highest standards. We partner with some of the leading experts in our industry to achieve much more than we could if we were working alone. We recognize that buildings and infrastructure need to be best-in-class and meet sustainability goals. That’s why we work as an integral part of your team.

Every project we work on is managed by a senior member of staff. This way, you get tailor-made solutions and benefit from our insight, our careful oversight during implementation and our evaluation of results and provision of support in-use.

Cities need to be safe and feel safe to function optimally. We help our clients obtain best-in-class performance for their real assets and to protect what matters.


Your project heads in the right direction from day 1 and abortive works, delays and costs can be avoided because we engage, inform and capture a project’s security needs.

Core Services
  • Site Appraisal & Feasibility Studies
  • Project Security Brief
  • Threat & Risk Assessment
  • Security Needs Assessment (BREEAM and Estidama LBi-10 Safe & Secure Environment)
  • Operational Requirements (OR1&2)

Typical RIBA Stage(s): 0 & 1

  • Establish security requirements
  • Understand client requirements
  • Identify project risks
  • Agree on stakeholder engagement and security information management


We engage with the other design disciplines, provide security insight and use our planning, design and engineering skills to optimise a project.

Core Services
  • Security Strategy
  • Security Design & Engineering
  • Technical Design Review
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • SABRE Design Certification
  • Estidama LBi-10 Safe & Secure Environment

Typical RIBA Stage(s): 2, 3 & 4

  • Design for an acceptable level of security
  • Planning approval (NPPF Compliance)
  • Realise the project brief
  • Added value (design freedoms, reduced operating costs)
  • Security information management


We can provide oversight to protect the integrity of the security strategy and provide reactive or proactive support to the contractor during construction and commissioning.

Core Services
  • Design Security Strategy Guardian
  • Contractor Support
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Security Strategy
  • SABRE Certification
  • Estidama LBi-10 Safe & Secure Environment

Typical RIBA Stage(s): 4 & 5

  • Deliver an acceptable level of security
  • Alignment of contractor security proposals and employer requirements
  • Security information management


We help owners and operators successfully implement change during the working life of an asset, to refurbish their premises and to identify and successfully complete remedial works.

Core Services
  • Security Risk Assessment(s)
  • Security Surveys
  • SABRE In-Use Certification
  • Independent Expert / Expert Witness
  • Estidama LBi-10 Safe & Secure Environment

Typical RIBA Stage(s): 7

  • Secure operations in response to changes in use, users, asset operations and/or building context
  • Adaptation to changes in security threats
  • Security information management

Beyond development projects, we offer a range of value-adding services to portfolio owners, real estate managers and the public sector.

The long-term relationships we develop with our clients allow us to understand their business objectives, priorities and unique challenges. We provide direction and help you set policy, create standards, build capacity, manage improvement programmes and offer oversight.

  • Risk Management Programmes
  • Security Surveys & Due Diligence
  • Assessment & Certification
  • Strategy
  • Policy, Standards & Guidance Writing
  • Training & Research

Estidama LBi-10 Safe & Secure Environment

Estidama sets the standards for sustainable buildings in Abu Dhabi. Like BREEAM, this rating system takes into consideration safety and security.
Depending on the building type, buildings can be awarded 1-2 credits by meeting the rating system’s security standards

SABRE Assessment & Certification

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

When Local Authorities plan to make and review development proposals, crime prevention and protective security are material planning considerations. Alpin and our partners are well-positioned to support you in achieving approval.

Our integrated approach and expertise in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and counter-terrorism protective security allows us to design-out crime and design-in security from the earliest stage of your project.

BREEAM New Construction

BREEAM, the sustainability rating system for buildings, recognises the importance of safety and security in achieving sustainable development.

In the 2018 edition of the New Construction scheme, applicants for BREEAM certification can be awarded up to 2 credits for demonstrating that security needs have been addressed during the design and construction stages of a building project.

Option 1 Security Needs Assessment (1 Credit)

Our qualified consultants undertake a Security Needs Assessment (SNA) to provide security recommendations for project integration. The BREEAM Assessor will validate the implementation of these measures for the award of BREEAM certification.

Option 2 SABRE Certification (2 Credits)

Our qualified consultants will conduct an assessment using the SABRE scheme criteria at the design and construction stage of the development. We will guide you through the process effortlessly to ensure your project has better security, a higher BREEAM score and independent security certification.


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