Urban Resilience Planning and Auditing

Planning resilient cities that stand the test of time

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Society deserves buildings, infrastructure and public spaces that have a positive impact on the lives of communities, that promote wellbeing and productivity, and that are safe and feel safe.

We dive deep to understand our clients’ resilience challenges: the potential shocks that could wipe out development gains and the long term stresses that can develop over time as a result of poor planning policy, land use and planning codes, infrastructure, and urban design. We do this by helping our clients with industry-leading masterplanning, design and construction, risk, security, emergency response and sustainable development services.

What is Urban Resilience Planning and Auditing?

Over 50% of the world’s population will be living in cities by 2050. Cities attract people with opportunity: employment and access to entertainment, cultural and leisure facilities, restaurants and public transport. However, the potential benefits of urban living can be diminished, and in some cases outweighed, by a wide range of stresses and shocks.

Rapid urbanisation, our changing climate, suburban sprawl and political instability amplify these challenges and we must take action to build resilience into our cities to ensure they thrive in the long term.

We specialise in managing risks in the built environment and protecting what's important

Our work protects people, property and the planet. We work to solve some of the most pressing challenges facing society and our built environment today and we will continuously innovate and improve to be at the cutting edge of our profession and deliver the best service to you.

Whether you need to build resilience at a city level or a particular community or building project, we will first engage with stakeholders and undertake data collection to profile and understand the resilience challenge. We will analyse the information we gather to define objectives, set priorities and develop an action plan for resilience.

We will help you ‘plan-to-plan’ so that you can build the in-house expertise required for success.

Whether you’re a public and private sector organisation, we help you by providing external consultancy and embedding staff.

For more than 15 years, our people have been helping city planners, transport authorities, real estate owners and operators, law enforcement, intelligence and emergency services to address resilience challenges.

Data Center Process Load Calculations:
  • Stakeholder engagement and outreach
  • Programme evaluation
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Organisational design
  • Training & exercises
  • Strategy & policy
  • Strategic advisory

We ensure resilience is an integral part of strategic plans and planning policy. We help turn commitment, ambition and strategy into reality through clear, structured and engaging policy.

We help turn commitment, ambition and strategy into reality through clear, structured and engaging policy. Through Auditing, we help you evaluate the effectiveness of your interventions and respond to feedback.

Working with stakeholders, we can deliver regional and local plans and contribute to plot development regulations. With Resilience embedded at all development scales, gaps that could result in system-level vulnerability are eliminated.

Our Strengths
  • Resilience profiling
  • All-hazards risk assessment
  • Scenario development (pre & post-intervention)
  • Land use and spatial planning
  • Development phasing
  • National security and defence infrastructure
  • Community safety and crime prevention
  • Physical infrastructure (transport, comms, power)
  • Social infrastructure
Experience – Crowded Places Programmes
  • Profiling: target attractiveness
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk mitigation strategy
  • Oversight & programme management
Experience – Infrastructure Security & Defence Estates
  • Border security
  • Protection of defence assets
  • Aerodrome and land-use coordination
  • Protection of critical national infrastructure
  • Government & diplomatic district planning

We help public and private sector organisations plan, capture and communicate development expectations in a clear manner that is right for the audience, drives change and delivers meaningful results.

Our people have a strong track record of delivering context-specific standards and guidance that deliver results without increasing complexity. We have developed a wide range of tools, such as online self-assessments and simple calculator sheets that are accessible to the supply chain with basic training.

Our Strengths
  • Technical advisory
  • Content creation – standards and guidance
  • Scorecards and rating systems
  • Online tools – self-assessment
  • Pilot schemes and results evaluation
  • Outreach and training for stakeholders
  • Licensing scheme development.
Mostadam and Estidama Rating System
  • Alpin was the Technical Partner for Mostadam, the new sustainability rating system created for the Ministry of Housing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The new scheme for both villas and communities will drive sustainable development in support of the Kingdom’s Ambitious Vision 2030.
  • Our team has also been part of the technical development team for Estidama, an equivalent scheme in the United Arab Emirates.
SABRE – Security Risk Management Systems
  • Gavin Jones, our Resilience Team Lead, was the creator of the Loss Prevention Standard LPS2082 and the international SABRE assessment and certification scheme. The scheme is now referenced in BREEAM andrecognised by GRESB for demonstrating real estate portfolio resilience.

At a building scale, we have a team of engineers, consultants and designers who work across three complementary built environment disciplines.

Our team can be engaged at any stage in the life-cycle of an asset. If your requirements include international standards, we can deliver on that. At the outset of any project, we will agree on the basis on which we will proceed. This will include a conversation on objectives for life safety, property protection, business continuity and environmental protection.

Our Sectors:
  • Masterplans & Mixed-use
  • Residential
  • Airports
  • Education
  • Culture
  • Commercial (Office & Retail)
  • Sports & Leisure
Certification Schemes:
  • LEED
  • WELL
  • Estidama
  • Mostadam
Our Experience
  • Etihad Towers
  • Counter-Terrorism Risk Assessment & Retrofit Strategy
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi
  • Life Safety (fire), Blast and Ballistic Protection
  • London Olympic Park
  • Masterplan – Emergency Evacuation & First Responder
  • Access & Facilities


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