Operational Efficiency

Creating a detailed roadmap for sustainable construction operations

Designing a sustainable project is one thing. Making sure it lives up to your energy and cost saving goals is another. At Alpin, our operational efficiency team has one important objective in mind - to ensure your project never underperforms.

Why Operational Efficiency is Important

Without solid operational efficiency support, your project could end up falling short of sustainable targets and costing you even more than you anticipated. Our in-house facility management experts and sustainability consultants work alongside our world class project managers to create a plan that fits your needs and constraints. The result is operations management in building construction that excels in every department, from the efficient use of your operations budget to the comfort it offers its occupants.

Our Approach to Operational Efficiency

We like to take a clinical approach to your assets. To do so, we perform regular consultations to ensure we fully understand our ‘patient.’ Think of your HVAC as the lungs of your project, electricity and water as the heart, your building management system as the central nervous system, cleaning and control as your immunity and waste as your digestion. One element off balance could have the potential to disrupt your entire construction operations. Our facilities management experts will conduct vigorous, routine check ups to ensure everything is running in harmony - saving you time and money in the long run.

Our Operational Efficiency Services

Energy Audits

We carry out extensive diagnostic testing to evaluate how every single component of your building functions and impacts the entire system. We will first uncover the areas where your construction project may be underperforming or wasting energy, before recommending and implementing measures to fix these issues. As well as improving energy performance, even the most simple changes can result in a more comfortable and complaint free environment for your occupants.

Measurement and Verification

From performance data trending to system diagnostics and utility bill analysis, we use the best practice techniques available to quantify and verify the results of energy saving measures. We then compare the estimated savings from our energy model to the actual data we collect to verify and define your project’s true energy savings.

Water Efficiency

We take a look at exactly how your project is consuming water and suggest and implement easy fixes - from low flush toilets to low water taps and waterless urinals. The results are instant, without the need for costly investment.

Green Cleaning

From sustainable cleaning products to the development of integrated pest management plans.


This vital service can identify and improve how your building’s equipment and systems function together and has been proven to save 10-20% off your building’s annual energy costs. We carry out short-term diagnostic monitoring to undercover cost saving opportunities, including:

  • Walk-through Energy Audit / ASHRAE Level I Energy Audit
  • Retro-commissioning / ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit
  • Investment Grade Audits with Energy Modeling / ASHRAE Level III Energy Audit

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Waste Management

From operational recycling, hazardous material elimination to organic waste management, we have a solution that works for your construction operations.

Advanced Commissioning + Building Analytics together at last

Alpin has partnered with California based Measurabl to bring the world’s foremost building analytics service to the region. Trusted on over 25,000 assets globally by clients in the construction industry such as CBRE Global Investors, Urban Land Institute, Shorenstein and Boston Properties, to name a few.

Sustainability management begins with collecting data. Alpin+Measurabl continually checks for discrepancies and irregularities so your reports are always up to date and investment-grade.

That’s how we can ensure that your construction operations keeps efficient.

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