MEP Forensics And Independent Analytics

MEP services and expert analysis and solutions for even the most complex of systems issues

Forensics is the expert investigation and analysis into the cause of any failures or defects that may arise during a project’s operational phase.

With building developments becoming ever more complicated and intricate, the chance of MEP system problems and structural defects or failures arising has become increasingly common. Our independent MEP forensic specialists have nearly 20 years of expertise in analyzing and identifying issues within a wide range of MEP functions and processes, whether your structure is experiencing a minor issue or is the subject of a more major systems failure.

As your trusted impartial advisor, we work meticulously and in the strictest confidence to get to the heart of a problem, to help return your building to its optimum operating levels. Alpin has worked with several clients, from asset owners and managers, to lawyers and insurance companies, to provide MEP expert witness and reports for even the most complex of concerns or claims related disputes.

Why Is MEP Forensics So Important?

Getting to the root of a MEP problem often requires specialist discovery and analysis from an expert team independent of a building’s design, development or operational teams. Whether it is an issue related to occupancy health and comfort, or a system failure or design fault such as moisture, mold or air quality, our forensic advisors can provide a high level of impartial analysis and advice. Our team’s MEP services, expert findings and recommendations not only help to provide solutions for building managers and owners, their highly accurate and detailed reports can serve as powerful tools in litigation support.

Our Approach to Forensics

Our extensive experience in design, construction, sustainability and independent MEP whole building commissioning means we have an advanced knowledge of MEP systems. We understand the interoperability of systems as well as the role of emerging building technologies and how they should function. Our experts provide a wide range of forensic support, from conducting confidential initial assessments, to carrying out more extensive studies throughout operations, to help pinpoint and report on the potential causes, and find solutions to any structural issues.

Our MEP Services in Buildings

MEP Failure Analysis and Claim Support

Delivery of concise, accurate reports and recommendations into MEP failures that will prove a powerful tool in claims related cases.

Investigation into Cause and Origin of MEP Issues

We have the specialist tools and knowledge to get to the root of even the most problematic and complex of MEP issues.

Expert Witness / Litigation Support

Our forensic specialists’ expertise and background in design, construction, commissioning, BIM and sustainability means they are highly qualified to present and support during legal proceedings.

Humidity Control Analysis

We analyze and solve any issues relating to thermal comfort, mold or mildew, to save energy and greatly enhance a building’s internal environment for its occupants.

Identifying Indoor Air Quality Issues

Indoor air pollutants can have a direct impact on an occupant’s comfort and health. Our forensic specialists have the tools to analyze and control common culprits or solve MEP failures that might be causing the problem.

Resolving System Control Issues

We get to the heart of issues relating to failure or defects within the operation of system controls.

Forensic Information Modelling

Integrated with Alpin BIM, our MEP services include the best tech tools and MEP software to analyze, collate and define forensic details relating to MEP systems and structures.

White Paper: Commissioning your way to High Performance Buildings

This white paper covers the benefits of the Commissioning Process managed by an Independent Commissioning Authority, cost savings and viewpoint on high performing buildings.

The report is based on independent data gathered from the OECD™, Harvard™, the US Department of Energy, regional GCC interviews, and the Building Commissioning Association™.

Download White Paper (PDF)

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