Low Carbon Solutions with Alpin

Our industry is a significant contributor to global carbon increase. The good news is that we also have the opportunity to create the lasting change necessary to draw down carbon and deliver a sustainable future. Alpin has tapped into the potential of low-carbon solutions to provide energy efficiency in built asset design, construction, and operations, all key contributors to carbon emissions.

Global action on climate change is driving countries across the region to develop new low-carbon policies. Governments are eager to diversify their economies.

The GCC is heavily investing in infrastructure that is sustainable. All six have ambitious growth plans backed by investments in critical infrastructure in power, water, transport, communications, and waste sectors. UAE and KSA have taken the lead in the region by announcing their 2050 - 2060 vision to be Net-Zero. Making the right infrastructure choices can help cut both carbon and costs.

Companies in the region have already taken action, using our expertise to cut their carbon emissions and costs to better adapt to the changing markets.

There are lots of low-carbon, lower-cost options available. By pushing harder for low carbon materials, following through with the regulations of governments, and doing the hard work of delivering these solutions equitably, we can get there. Improving your energy efficiency translates into lower operational costs and green steps towards environmental, social responsibility.

Our Low Carbon Consultants can help you understand your energy consumption and assist you in developing strategies that will ensure you take significant steps to lower your carbon footprint and demand.

Our Net-Zero Team

Want to have your next project achieve Net Zero? Get in touch with a consultant who can help align your project requirements with Net Zero principles.Net-Zero

Our Net Zero Consultants are trained as Climate Change Professionals®, Net Zero Consultants® and certified Low Carbon Consultants®.

Supporting the NZ consultant is a back-office team of experts with a strong background relating to building performance modeling, life cycle analysis, carbon emissions calculations, commissioning processes, and sustainable development consultants.

Our Low Carbon Consultant Design team is specialized in providing:

  • Advice on energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Advice on low carbon and renewable technologies.
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Simulations and models necessary for developing an Energy Performance Certificate.
  • Assessing passive design technologies to make the best use of shade and natural ventilation.
  • Advice on recommended Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) needed to design and develop the building effectively.

Our Low Carbon Consultant Building Operation Specialist is certified to:

  • Reduce a building’s energy costs.
  • Suggest and implement cost-effective energy efficiency improvements to an existing building.
  • Provide calibrated digital twin models for assessing energy performance and certification
  • Analyze and assess low carbon and renewable technologies.
  • Advice on how to develop a corporate social responsibility agenda.

Alpin’s Low Carbon Consultants are CIBSE certified to provide advice on how to minimize energy use and carbon emissions from new and existing buildings both in design and operation. From a single office to a large multi-site estate, our in-house team of low carbon consultants and energy assessors can identify inefficient operations and provide recommendations that range from low-cost operational solutions to high-level replacement programs.

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