Facility Auditing - Building Health Check-Up and Optimization

Services that help reduce the spread of Covid-19 in your building

Healthy buildings are needed now more than ever. With a Building Audit, you ensure that:

  • Obvious and hidden health hazards are eliminated.
  • The risk of contamination is minimized.
  • Your building is safe for employees, patients, residents, and other building occupants.

We spend 85-95% of our time indoors. With a global world where health risks travel fast and can cause unprecedented damage to your business, it’s important to create buildings that keep people healthy. Measures to create healthy buildings have been shown to, among others, reduce illnesses, decrease patient recovery time, and improve productivity.

Our approach at Alpin is to help our communities thrive. We are deeply committed to creating healthy environments. In fact, health and wellbeing are our core values.

Facility Auditing Services

Our Facility Auditing services are well-positioned to help you improve the health and safety of your building. These services include the following three packages.

Basic Facility Auditing

Our Basic Facility Auditing package includes:

Regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces can make a significant difference, especially in areas where infected individuals might have been present. We ensure that WHO standards for cleaning are being followed. We do this by checking logs for daily cleaning activity during the day and after hours and that cleaning materials are used.

We use a foobot, which gives a rapid analysis of the air quality after working hours.

We check how your building’s waste management is being handled and if there are any risks entailed in the process. We offer seamless waste management optimization and risk elimination services together with our audits.

Our consultants check Mechanical and Natural Ventilations to see if they are all functioning as needed, with special attention to humidity, and make recommendations to increase the air circulation.

Intermediate Facility Auditing

Our Intermediate Facility Auditing services include everything in the Basic package and:

Our indoor air quality experts check your air conditioning filters and advise when they need to be changed. Most buildings use cheap filters that capture less than 20 percent of airborne virus-sized particles. A higher-rated filter can trap closer to 80 percent. Portable air purifiers with high-efficiency particulate filters can also be effective. We recommend additional air purifiers to be installed if needed.

We check your condensate drip pan for any still precipitation that has been around for a while.

We collect false ceiling dirt and dust and check to see if there is any massive accumulation of dust or particulate matter in any enclosed space that might be acting as a source of distribution to other areas.

Our consultants check ducts for signs of mold and other causes of sick building syndrome.

Advanced Facility Auditing

Our Advanced Facility Auditing includes everything in the Basic and Intermediate packages and:

We audit individual FCUs and cooling coils to check for the build-up of flow-disrupting particles.

We check building pressurization to ensure that air moves from clean to dirty places. Alpin will check for individual area pressurizing and advise if alterations are needed.

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WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facility Operations and Management

Alpin helps you achieve the new WELL Health-Safety Rating by the International WELL Building Institute. WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facility Operations and Management is a third-party verified rating based on scientific evidence for all facility types. It focuses on addressing a post-COVID-19 environment by considering four major factors: operational policies, maintenance protocols, emergency plans, and stakeholder education.

Learn more about Well™ Certification

Facility Auditing Projects

Thanks to our Facility Auditing services, clients of various sizes and in different industries create healthy spaces for building occupants. Whether you’re looking to create a healthy workspace, ensure that a health facility offers the best environment for its patients, or that a residential building is healthy for its building occupants, we help you achieve your goals.

Technical expertise

Alpin has some of the industry’s best technical expertise and knowledge. We also work with external experts to bring in unparalleled know-how.

Project management

To ensure that your project is delivered on-time and delivers results, we offer project management expertise that will keep your buildings healthy and safe.

The result

Better project outcomes delivered on-time at a lower cost.

The client requested the expertise of our building engineers to perform Indoor Air Quality Tests in their college building. The role of our consultants was to measure the air contaminants, assess variations from the optimal indoor air quality, and support the client in finding solutions to solve for certain indoor environmental issues that they were facing.

Alpin’s seasoned building asset experts were quick to point out simple measures that could be undertaken, at a low (or even no) cost, that would immediately resolve some of the issues that they were facing. Alpin’s approach was a holistic one that focused on everything from the behavior of the building occupants and their usual routines (such as working hours and preferred individual temperature settings) all the way to a review of the building design. The results were highly satisfactory to the client, with all of the previous issues plaguing them resolved.

The client directly approached Alpin to conduct HVAC Audits on their headquarters in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, to ensure that the overall systems of the building were performing in the best way possible and that the air flow and distribution were adjusted properly. The team measured the VAV Airflows and re-adjusted them as per the design and load requirements. The team also performed air quality tests and recommended solutions to improve the IAQ. The client was extremely happy to see that optimizing their building systems and equipment helped the built assets to perform more efficiently and created a more comfortable environment for the building occupants.

The Alpin team supported our client in achieving the LEED EBOM Gold certification. In order to meet the requirements, the team performed an operational building performance analysis and optimization exercise. The study included a tailored analysis of the building and provided recommendations to enhance the overall building operational performance and occupational comfort and productivity. The key benefits of the service included:

  • Increase in energy and water savings
  • Operation and Maintenance Troubleshooting
  • Demonstrate the value of reduced carbon footprint
  • Improve the indoor environment quality
  • Documents the performance of the building
  • Establish benchmarks to help guide performance improvements
  • Reduce operational costs

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