Environmental Management

Avoid, minimize and mitigate the effects of construction projects on the surrounding areas

With our Environmental management services, we ensure that air, water, and ground are protected from hazards and degradation. Ultimately, our services protect the people who occupy and use your land and water assets.

Our service offerings include environmental management services to help you avoid, minimize and mitigate the effects of construction projects on the surrounding areas. We help you ensure that your projects are completed on time by using the most cutting-edge technology and innovative practices on the market.

Alpin’s environmental management services are designed to help you to fully understand how your development project affects the environment and how to minimize that impact. By integrating our other service offerings with these services, we offer a seamless package. Some of our related services include acoustical testing, LEED, and other green building certifications.

Why are Environmental Management services so important?

With the world’s supply of natural resources in rapid decline, we believe that it is vital to protect environmental assets from degradation. Environmental considerations also go hand in hand with long-term profitability. The better you understand the environmental impact and how to minimize it, the more you will be able to prepare and manage risks and asset devaluations, as well as reduce costs.

Environmental management systems fulfill statutory requirements for building and construction permits. In order to make sure that your projects are completed according to the highest standards, your project needs a high-quality partner with a strong background in environmental services. We offer Environmental Impact Assessments based on years of experience and hundreds of successful projects. These include Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP) and other specialist services, such as Marine, Asbestos Remediation, Air, Water and Soil Quality Testing, and Acoustics services.

These services will help protect land and marine assets from degradation, which will help ensure your profitability now and in the future.

Our approach to environmental management services

As an environmental management service provider, we have become trusted partners of some of the most notable projects in the region by offering services that help you protect people and your assets. The goal of our services is to help you get a return on your investment by ensuring cost-effectiveness, upfront and long-term cost savings, and mitigation of risks. Our environmental management services optimize land and building value. We also help you ensure that direct or indirect (including public relations) risks are minimized.

One of the reasons our clients decide to work with us in the long-term is that we assist in keeping your construction projects on time and without delays. Our trusted consultants are some of the leading minds in their respective areas of expertise. We also partner with external specialist technical experts to deliver the most cutting-edge knowledge on the market.

Our Environmental Management services

Advisory services

Our environmental advisory services include helping contractors and clients put together environmental management strategies, such as CEMPs, to protect land, air, water, and other natural assets from degradation, as well as protecting people from environmental hazards. As your advisor on environmental management risks and opportunities, we work closely with your team. Our advisory services include:

Our advisory services include:

  • Environmental management strategies (including CEMP)
  • Environmental studies
  • Waste management consulting
  • Ecological consulting
  • Marine and coastal environment consulting
  • Water resources consulting
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Research and reporting on resilience planning and climate change mitigation
  • Micro-climate studies


Our environmental auditory services include different types of environmental audits and they integrate with our independent commissioning audit services. Alpin is an independent, third-party auditor with extensive expertise and specialist knowledge.

The auditing services we offer include:

  • CEMP Audits
  • Remediation (including asbestos remediation)
  • Air quality testing
  • Surface and groundwater quality testing
  • Soil quality testing
  • Environmental auditing
  • Acoustic testing (including sound and noise monitoring)

With our environmental impact assessments, we support you in understanding how your construction project will affect the environment surrounding your built asset. This information is then sent to various statutory bodies, such as the Environmental Agency or the Ministry of Environment for assessment. We assist you through the entire process.

Innovative solutions

Alpin is an early adopter of technology in the construction and built asset development industry, including environmental management. One of our core offerings in this area is our drone inspection service. As a licensed drone inspector, we help you get a deep understanding of your project challenges and possibilities fast and cost-effectively.

Drone inspections can be used over large areas in order to assess environmental degradation and help prepare environmental impact assessments. This service gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s happening on the site.

Other technology solutions that we offer include thermal imaging technology for understanding invisible leaks, fire hazards and inefficient energy transmission/capture, as well as simulation software for better and more accurate environmental planning.

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