Alpin CxCloud

Alpin CxCloud ensures CIBSE + ASHRAE building commissioning from design to procurement to installation and operations

Alpin CxCloud is a software solution that helps our clients all over the world deliver better performing systems for their buildings, improve operations, and quickly adapt to changes in business demands.

We offer enterprise applications engineered for the full CIBSE + ASHRAE commissioning process from design, construction and operations. These applications work together to provide a rich user experience balanced with flexible options for workflow management.

The Alpin Approach

Whether for LEED, Estidama, BREEAM, GSAS or best building practices, Alpin helps to ensure that all requirements for CIBSE + ASHRAE commissioning are met, so that you may feel confident that your building will operate as a high performing asset.

As buildings become more complex, more data is generated and critical items need to be tracked in order to meet demanding project schedules and budgets. Alpin CxCloud delivers and provides to the owner an intelligent, always-on, always-at-your finger tips, dashboard that enables timely project delivery.

Alpin’s commissioning approach relies on strong project management and the formation of a cooperative commissioning team involving the building owner, the design team, and the construction team, to design and deliver a reliable and efficient building.

The Design Phase

Use Alpin CxCloud to develop a commissioning plan and collaboratively review designs.

Review designs and comment on drawings as you update your design documents through individual reviews. Use your design reviews to capture issues in a single log, allowing you to better communicate and collaborate with the responsible parties.

Maintain and communicate any issues found in construction documents by capturing them in design reviews. Create your project assets, such as equipment, systems, and locations, or import them from BIM. Develop asset checklists and test procedures in preparation for the construction phase using your template library. Generate a commissioning plan with all your deliverables.

The Construction Phase

Track site visits, project progress, and functional testing with Alpin CxCloud. Quickly develop checklists and tests for completion in the field.

Record reviews of equipment submittals and track all issues in one list. Organize submittals by asset for future System Manual deliverables.

Keep a record of your site visits and commissioning meetings by documenting them as field observations. Monitor issues you find through each field observation. Include report comments to document site progress.

Complete asset checklists to document installation and startup. Upload and review third party testing and inspections. Deliver real-time status updates and schedule future functional testing.

Use advanced asset collection checklists to record important data in the field. Organize the data by asset and provide a standardized export for building operations.

Test systems and equipment with customized templates. Keep track of your progress in testing. Identify functional failures and distribute them to the team. Retest assets as appropriate and keep a dedicated list of all failures.

Document all owner training and organize important materials by asset. Review all required submittals and track identified issues. Use the information collected to assist the building owner and operations staff in maintaining the facility.

Generate and distribute periodic progress reports of all commissioning activities. Customize each report to highlight current activities and forecast dependencies.

Once the commissioning processes have been completed, provide a detailed report of all activities. Include all third-party files, issues, test, checklists, or any other report concerning quality. Organize information by asset, with bookmarks and hyperlinks to upgrade the traditional report delivery.

The Operations Phase

Schedule preventative maintenance, manage support tickets, and monitor assets and inventory. Predict trends and track performance to improve estimates.

Manage your facilities and schedule work orders for preventative maintenance. Respond to work requests from building occupants with ease. Keep track of supplies with inventory management.

Improve estimates of cost and labor activities and performance with real-time tracking. Discover trends in maintenance through powerful reporting features.

CxCloud Features

Alpin CxCloud is a streamlined & COBie compliant commissioning software. The advanced technology covers everything from issues to checklists, equipment to custom reports.

Organize project equipment by type and system. Add attributes related to equipment.

Create buildings, floors, zones, and spaces. Connect anything to its location.

Create issues to record deficiencies. Set statuses and priorities.

Capture reviews of design documents, submittals, O&M manuals, and more.

Report on observations and on progress of on-site construction activities.

Complete checklists for systems and equipment installed during the construction phase.

Validate installed equipment and system performance with test procedures.

Generate customized progress reports or final reports as beautiful PDF documents.

Make decisions. See project status in a glance. Monitor issue, checklist, test, and equipment progress through interactive charts. Break down data by status, priority, type, and more. Instantly jump to the underlying data with a click.

Stay informed. Get daily summary reports of activity. Or, choose to “watch” an issue, equipment, or any item in your project and get updated when that item is edited, commented on, or changes status.

Powerful features

We spent years studying what commissioning firms need to succeed and incorporated that knowledge into Alpin CxCloud.

Show off. Best-in-class reports are beautiful, crisp, and superbly functional. Embedded documents, internal links, and automatically generated bookmarks mean you’ll look like you have a full-time administrative staff without needing one.

Take control. Create custom workflows that move issues, checklists, and tests through statuses you define. Create a library of checklist and test templates specific to your company. Standardize your configuration so all projects enforce your process.

Ditch paper. Add and manage issues, complete checklists and tests, and upload photos — all without an internet connection. Through our offline-enabled iPad web app you can take a picture of that malfunctioning boiler and add it to an issue even without a single bar of cell signal. Next time you have a connection, your photo (and everything else) will be synced. Automatically.

Know more. Know what happened, who did it, and when it occurred. See complete history of an issue, checklist, test, or anything else in your project. See a complete history of activity for anyone on the project. Filter activity by person, type, or section.

Work together. Granular permissions ensure that each team member only sees what they need to see. Turn off entire sections — now contractors can focus on only what they need to do. Selectively grant edit permissions to individuals for issues, checklists, tests, or other items. When you have the tools to control each team member’s access, you’re empowered to invite everyone to work together, getting your work done faster and more efficiently.

Make decisions. See project status in a glance. Monitor issue, checklist, test, and equipment progress through interactive charts. Break down data by status, priority, type, and more. Instantly jump to the underlying data with a click.

Stay informed. Get daily summary reports of activity. Or, choose to “watch” an issue, equipment, or any item in your project and get updated when that item is edited, commented on, or changes status.


Alpin is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of any personal information about our users or their projects.

The data centers where Alpin CxCloud is hosted use keycard protocols, biometric scanning protocols, access logging, and round-the-clock surveillance. Only authorized personnel are granted access and undergo multiple and thorough background security checks.

Customer data for all accounts are accessed via secure protocols such as HTTPS and SSH. Additionally, all passwords are encrypted on our servers and databases. All software is updated regularly to ensure the latest security patches.

The best security can be compromised without proper policies. At Alpin, only a select few have access to the servers where data is stored. We go to great lengths to ensure the right balance between support and a secure infrastructure.

Alpin CxCloud is backed by robust redundancy to avoid and recover from failure. All our data centers employ backup generators and redundant external power sources. Redundant internet connectivity is provided to maximize network uptime.

Alpin CxCloud customer data is replicated with sub-millisecond latency to secondary data centers in separate regions. In addition, our platform performs daily backups of all Alpin CxCloud databases. These backups are cycled out in accordance with best practices, ensuring that we always have at a minimum a recent backup (within the last day), backups within the week, and backups within the month. These backups are then stored in separate data centers from both our primary and secondary data centers.

How can Alpin CxCloud Help You

Time saved during hand-over.

Quality Assurance for MEPF equipment and systems.

Costs Minimized due to expensive rework and change-orders.

Reduced Administration for site and client teams.

Clear visual understanding of current Cx process status for clients and contractors.

Alpin CxCloud allows for the storage and transparent delivery of flexible O&Ms at project handover. The O&M data is available 24/7 for you and your FM team.

Having all of your commissioned data in one place allows us to sync directly (or indirectly) into your BMS to allow for on-going analytics of your equipment and integrated systems throughout operations.

This enables you to receive regular reports based on computer and engineer-driven predictive analysis thereby identifying which areas of your system are performing as per intended operations procedures and which areas may be in need of an upgrade or re-calibration.

We work hand-in-hand with your operations FM team to help ensure the continued high performance of your building.

Integration with ACONEX and BIM

In order to ensure that all of the relevant data that has been captured throughout the commissioning process is passed on to your team in a seamless manner, we employ the use of COBie standards and transfer protocols.

Alpin CxCloud allows instant syncing to asset data, maintenance procedures, as-built drawings, supplier information, etc. The system also allows us to link directly with other software platforms (BIM and Operations Related) such as Revit, MicroStation, Aconex, Maximo, amongst others.

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