Construction Project Management

Get a better understanding of the actual costs and to simulate design changes

As a consultancy with decades of experience in various industries and a reputation of working on some of the region’s most complex projects, we’ve developed an unparalleled approach to construction project management services that will support you in the planning, design, and execution of your project.

With our Project Management services, we support our clients in the planning and design phases with a strict focus on delivering projects on time, within budget, and by following the highest quality standards. We ensure that available funds are optimally used, the design is optimized, delays, changes, and disputes are avoided, and cash-flow is managed and secured.

Our Project Management services are driven by technology and data and consist of different components. Over the years, we have seen just how important it is to provide high-quality services at every step of the way to ensure successful project completion. We offer, among others, industrial, commercial, governmental, and residential construction project management services.

Construction Project Management Services for the Built Environment

Alpin manages projects in an innovative and technology-driven way with an emphasis on streamlining tasks. With more data, we’re able to help drive better decisions. We start every project with simulations. That way, we’re able to get a better understanding of the actual costs and to simulate design changes that could result in cost savings. Our approach and focus on technology and data are unique in the region.

We integrate sustainable elements and our other services, such as Third Party Independent Commissioning, Speciality Consultancy, and Building Information Modeling. Additionally, we use data and simulations as much as possible.

Our approach to construction project management

Alpin is an independent and trusted advisor. One of our main strengths is that we support our clients in ensuring that their complex projects are delivered on time and within budget. We understand that anything else would put the profitability of your project at risk.

In fact, we spend more time with clients in the early stages to help them understand their objectives and goals. This ensures that fewer changes are needed later on.

Our Project Management Services

Budget management

Our team helps you make cost estimations and allocate and manage a budget that ensures that your project achieves its goals, is completed on time and meets your quality standards.

Schedule management

Schedule management in complex projects requires the right tools and systems. We use our experience and technology to keep things on track. We know that project delays will result in costs for you and that’s why we have a strong focus on delivering your project on time.

Contract and contractor management

Contract and contractor management is essential for any project, but at the same time, it can be a difficult task. Our Project Management services help you effectively oversee both. You can rest assured that your contracts and contractors are managed risk-free and efficiently.

Procurement of equipment and material

Equipment and material need to be of high quality and procured cost-effectively so that you keep costs down as much as possible. We use our extensive experience to deliver top-class equipment and material.

Sourcing of specialists

Alpin, as a leading consultancy in the GCC area, has an extensive network of experts who we regularly work with. We are happy to source the right specialists for your project and manage their work.

Strategy development

Creating a strategy and ensuring that this strategy achieves its objectives comes with its own challenges. We thrive with complex strategy projects and are passionate about delivering results.

Technological solutions

Our team of construction consultants uses proprietary construction project management software to analyze and use data to create highly efficient projects. Our clients represent different industries, such as health care and commercial office spaces. Our software and other technology can be used for various needs.

Our Integrated Project Management Services

Third-Party Independent Commissioning

Our Third-Party Independent Commissioning services are a great add-on to ensure the operational success of your project. Our clients have commissioned our expertise in everything from complex infrastructure projects to laboratories, schools, and more.

Building Information Management (BIM)

Our BIM services, adopted in the design phase, can dramatically reduce mistakes and waste so that you can save both time and money. With BIM, you can visualize exactly how your project will look and feel right from the very start. It’s a fast, efficient way of ensuring what you see is exactly what you get.

Green Certifications

We are a US Green Building Council member with over a decade of expertise in helping our clients achieve green building certifications. We are trusted partners for certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL, and ASHRAE 189.1. Alpin’s headquarters are LEED Gold-certified and the first building in the Middle East to be WELL-certified.

Energy Innovation

We are experts at implementing energy management plans that help you achieve your energy-saving goals. Our Project Management services can be seamlessly integrated with services such as diagnostic testing, uncovering wasted energy, and installing renewable technology. Our energy innovation services help reduce annual operating costs and boost energy efficiency.

Sustainable Master-planning

Sustainable Master-planning will help you create a sustainable community that secures resources for generations to come. We analyze everything from water and transport to waste and materials to build an impressive blueprint for communities that stand to work in harmony with their environment.

Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)

A Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) is needed to ensure that your assets are protected and keep their value now and in the future. We analyze your building’s environment and help you decide on and implement measures to avoid environmental hazards.


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