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Overseeing the overall commissioning process, either on the client or contractor-side

We are frontrunners in using innovative technology to help you ensure that your projects reach the goals you have set for them. Our industry-leading consultants help you design and construct buildings on time with a long-term ROI.

Commissioning Management, one of our Technical Auditing and Advisory services, is key for a well-executed construction project. Our Commissioning Management services ensure that your project is delivered on time, within budget, and according to plan. Besides cost-savings and securing of profits, Commissioning Management offers a range of advantages, both in terms of the operation of a building and for capturing data for future litigation purposes.

What is Commissioning Management?

Commissioning Management

Commissioning Management is a process that starts at the construction stage. A commissioning manager oversees the overall commissioning process, either on the client or contractor-side.

Independent commissioners work on parts of the project and on a much smaller scale. A commissioning manager, on the other hand, is embedded in the team and is involved in the overall project with lots of specialists on the team. Commissioning Management looks at all building systems together (heating, ventilation, cooling, air lighting, building management systems, renewable energy, fire safety, intercom systems, and sensors).

In many parts of the world, such as the US and the UK, Commissioning Management is standard. What’s important to note here is that a designer or construction manager can’t take on this role. A commissioning manager must be a Technical Commissioning Management systems expert. In addition, Commissioning Management needs to be undertaken from the start in the construction phase. That’s also when a project will have the greatest cost-savings.

Our approach to Commissioning Management Services

What sets Alpin apart is that we are driven to help our clients and contractors complete their projects on time and anticipate issues before they occur. We do this through proper project planning, forecasting, and by operating within your budget and schedule.

One of our core strengths is our technological expertise. We use proprietary software and data analytics to predict challenges with the Commissioning Management process. We also use proprietary software to drive the process and to manage all data streams. In addition, we have state-of-the-art equipment that we use for all testing and calibration.

With our Commissioning services, we help you ensure that your building is built on time and without accruing additional costs.


We take a preventive approach and work to create a well-executed project right from the start. Commissioning Management ensures that buildings retain their value over the long term and that your clients are kept fully satisfied so that when owners get the buildings handed over to them, they are operating in the way that they envisioned. We approach Commissioning Management from a Total Building Commissioning perspective. We go above and beyond LEED and oversee the commissioning of the following building systems:

  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration
  • Building Management System
  • Domestic Water System (Hot and Cold)
  • Lighting and Lighting Control System
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Shading Control Systems

The ROI of Commissioning Management

Commissioning Management is a process that prevents problems. You know the risks your construction project faces, including not getting a certificate of occupancy, which will delay your ability to generate revenue for your asset and cause you to spend more time on the construction stage because of change orders.

If your building is not commissioned properly and the fire safety system is not integrated the way it needs to be, this can lead to a loss of life. If you’re not integrating complex systems from the start, your fire safety systems, the mechanical systems, lighting, and so forth, don’t necessarily work together during an emergency. Commissioning Management ensures that your systems operate at all times.

In addition, Commissioning Management ensures that your data is captured, stored, and managed in the right way. This data is crucial for potential litigation processes. We use Alpin Commissioning Cloud, our customized commissioning software, to deliver these results.

The benefits of Commissioning Management are clear. You ensure that your building operates optimally now and in the future. Commissioning Management helps make sure that the building consumes less energy and other resources. Your building will also be built to meet standards such as ASHRAE and be optimized for human comfort and health. Commissioning Management also keeps the commissioning procedure on track so that the building can be handed over on time and allow you to start generating revenue.

Some of the results we have helped our clients achieve:

  • Reduced a hospital’s air conditioning system electricity bill by 20% (a large savings considering that 60% of the electrical power supply costs are due to air conditioning).
  • Saved water and reduced two hospitals’ water annual usage costs by AED 1, 015,000/year (US$276,342). 2 Month pay-back period.
  • Reduced the cost for the Reverse Osmosis (RO) system and saved AED 1,054,466 AED/year for six hospitals (US$287,090).  1 Month pay-back period.
  • Saved costs on chilled water system design at four hospitals and saved AED  984,720/year (US$270,000).  2 Month pay-back period.
  • Other benefits included identifying and eliminating fire hazards, which were a health and safety risk.

Buildings are getting increasingly complex. Your building management system (BMS) is capturing a lot of data from building sensors and running all the building equipment and systems. The problem is that while these sensors and systems are a big investment, they aren’t calibrated properly. The building is not optimized to use the technology and benefit from it.

Proper Commissioning Management helps ensure that calibration is done correctly. With our innovative technology and in-house experts who understand complex building systems we make sure that all your building technology and systems work together to benefit your profitability and building occupants.

At Alpin, we’re offering a range of innovative services. Our Commissioning Management services include Digital Ongoing Commissioning and Digital Operations & Maintenance (O&M) manuals for equipment, instead of standard paper-based manuals.

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A Commissioning Agent ensures project success by meticulously overseeing the commissioning process. They collaborate with stakeholders, develop comprehensive commissioning plans, conduct thorough inspections and tests, and address issues promptly. Their expertise ensures that systems are designed, installed, and operated as intended, contributing to a smooth project transition, reduced downtime, and improved overall system reliability.

The commissioning management process involves planning, design review, installation verification, functional testing, documentation, training, and handover. These stages ensure a systematic and thorough approach to commissioning, contributing to the success of the overall project.

Challenges may include coordination issues, unexpected technical problems, documentation discrepancies, and ensuring that the commissioned systems meet the end user’s operational needs. Effective management helps overcome these challenges.

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