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We have invested in the very latest in drone inspection and thermal imaging technology to revolutionize the way we work.

By using drones to carry out cost effective site inspections to detect everything from design faults to building façade leakage, we can help reduce the need for expensive manpower. It also allows us to deliver more timely feedback to clients so that they may take faster action in the event that any defects are discovered. With the scale of construction projects growing ever more complex, there has never been a greater need to think outside the box.

Alpin is dedicated to providing high specialty and quality services, and in order to operate our drones, we hold official pilot licenses issued by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), in addition to the necessary property insurance and security permits.

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Why choose Alpin’s drone services?

Work at the forefront of the region’s most cutting-edge construction technology. Save on expensive manpower and inspection equipment. Greatly reduce the time it takes to detect design, construction and operational defects. Catch façade errors before the end of Contractor’s Defects Liability period – rectify at their cost. Reduce the health and safety risks by employing technology to replace labor directly on site. Save on long-term operational costs by pinpointing any Façade and MEP issues.

Drone cameras for aerial site survey / inspection for construction, for use during project planning, development and post completion

By using high optical resolution zoom cameras on our drones to carry out site inspections, we can gain easier access to even the hardest to reach spaces. This is a highly effective and much faster way of working, allowing for high resolution information to be streamed in real time directly back to the developer.

Drones can be used throughout the construction process to quickly pinpoint any errors in building design and development – something that would cost thousands of dollars a day in man power and equipment (such as scissor lifts, building climbers and/or scaffolding). Drone inspections can also be carried out once a building is complete, ideally within a project’s warranty/defects liability period, to seek out any potential faults that will need to be rectified by the contractors. Furthermore, Alpin’s drone technology can be combined with other offerings such as Building Envelope Commissioning and Energy Analysis, to allow for a fully integrated level of service.

Thermal Imaging Drone Cameras

This is used to detect leakage or problems in a completed building’s façade.

We combine drones with state-of-the-art thermal imaging to assess any potential cold or heat spots within a building. This means we can detect where the façade may be leaking, and quickly hone in on any possible Façade and MEP faults or pitfalls. High definition information is again processed in real time, arming engineers and surveyors with invaluable information to help them rapidly rectify any defects. The use of thermal imagery drones saves you time and money in the long-term, by targeting any defects in advanced systems.

Aerial thermal imaging is not only confined to building inspection. It can be used to detect PV system anomalies on solar farms, power lines, cooling towers and any structure requiring exterior thermal integrity. A drone’s infrared camera can rapidly highlight any hotspots, revealing areas that are detective, in turn greatly reducing the cost of manual labor in the field.

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