Cleantech Venture Capital Consultancy

Early investments for long term success

The job of a venture capitalist is to identify early investments and innovative technology that can help lead to top commercial returns. Our highly experienced consultants have the managerial and technical skills, and the capital to help bring out the best in your project, paving the way for long term success.

Why Cleantech Venture Capital is important

A top venture capitalist can provide the right technical advice and financial support to help you unlock your project’s potential for higher interest returns, from a very early stage. The VC firms we work with are all experts in the cleantech field and can suggest emerging technologies and strategies that will revolutionize the way you work.

Our approach to Cleantech Venture Capital Consultancy

We work with only the best Venture Capitalists - talented entrepreneurs who have strong cleantech industry knowledge and a passion for identifying emerging technologies. The VC firms we choose to partner with have a proven track record in delivering above average returns for investors. They also have a skill for sourcing and analzying new and exciting clean technology solutions that can make a real difference to your business.

Our Venture Capital Consultancy Services


Water is, without a doubt, our most precious commodity. With the world’s population growing at a faster rate than ever before, conserving this vital resource is more important than ever. Our VC consultants work closely with some of the globe’s most innovative companies who are helping to deliver creative, more sustainable and much needed solutions.

Advanced Materials / Building Technologies

Using advanced materials and technologies in the construction of your project can make it smarter, cleaner and more efficient, now, and in the long-term. Our VC experts can help you find innovative and greener solutions to more traditional building resources and methods.

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Carbon Credit Planning

We can assess your CDM project to see how financially viable it is by using cutting edge technology - the At-Risk Monte Carlo method. This simulation allows us to assess the impact of risk, helping you to make better, more informed decisions.

Business Plan Review

Our experts can take a look at your existing business plan to suggest ways it can work more effectively and deliver you faster, higher returns.

Technical Analysis of Emerging Technologies

We focus on analzing new technology for investors in three key sectors: energy, advanced materials / building technologies and water.


With the demand on resources such as oil and gas continuing to rise, the need to tap into renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions has never been more important. Our VC consultants are experts at identifying creative technological ideas and developments that will have the strength to stand up in the mainstream energy market.


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