Building Performance Analytics

Analyzing energy usage to maximize building performance

When you are planning a new building, it is natural to want a project to stand the test of time. To do this, you need to look beyond simply using robust equipment and materials.

To minimize costs during construction, and to save energy and money in the long-term, you need to be able to estimate how it will operate and utilize energy.

This is where Building Performance Analysis comes in. This advanced service can be used to simulate how a building’s systems will function over a period of time, to better determine the best possible energy and cost-efficient savings. This is ideally performed during the early design stage in order to help you make more informed choices before construction, and may also be performed during operations in order to improve on-going asset performance.

Why is Building Performance Analytics So Important?

With natural resources all over the world in high demand, there has never been a greater need to adopt energy savings measures. Year on year the cost of resources such as water and fuel are rising across the region, pressing companies to really think about their consumption in order to reduce their overheads in the long-term.

However, Building Performance Analysis offers much more than just reducing operational costs - it is an excellent tool that helps to lower the carbon footprint of both new and existing buildings. At Alpin, our goal extends beyond just saving you money – we are passionate about building a greener, more sustainable future.

Our Approach to Building Performance Analytics

Alpin’s Building Physicists and Energy Specialists use the latest in advanced software and technology to optimize a building’s performance. Our BPA services include Energy Modeling, Daylight Modeling and Indoor Thermal Comfort Analysis. These can be deployed right from the design stage, to reveal where a building’s plans can be improved before construction even begins. This is especially important if you need to conform to a green rating system such as LEED, GSAS or Estidama. At Alpin, we look at everything from your building’s orientation, lighting, water, construction materials and HVAC systems to come up with the most innovative solutions. Even the smallest of shifts in consumption can amount to major savings over time.

Our Building Performance Analytics Services

Energy Modeling

We use the latest in cutting-edge energy modeling software to analyze how all of your building’s systems are functioning. By doing so, we can forecast everything from your monthly energy bills to your annual consumption. We do this in order to highlight opportunities for you to make the best possible operational savings. This will also greatly help to reduce your carbon footprint, supporting the commitment to more sustainable, green development.

Energy Modeling is available as a service throughout every stage of a project. In the design phase, we use Predictive Energy Modeling to help estimate operational energy costs and a building’s carbon footprint. During construction, we use Optimizing Energy Modeling to support clients in value engineering and the verification of material selection. Finally, during the Operational stage, we use Calibrated Energy Modeling to pinpoint the most cost-effective solutions to also lower operational energy costs and carbon footprint. An optimized energy model can save you 15-20% of MEP related hard costs through equipment optimization, and 40-50% in energy/water related operational costs.

"An optimized energy model can save you 15-20% of MEP related hard costs through equipment optimization, and 40-50% in energy/water related operational costs"

Daylight Analysis

Using some of the most high-tech daylighting analysis tools available, we can revolutionize your building’s daylight design. We will look at your 2D and 3D CAD and Revit files to simulate the space, weighing up everything from shade and light distribution to glazing properties. An effective daylight design can support projects in reducing their lighting energy consumption, improve visual comfort for occupants, and boost overall building performance. Moreover, almost all building rating systems such as LEED and BREEAM require this analysis. Proper daylighting can increase employee productivity by 10 to 15%.

"Proper daylighting can increase employee productivity by 10 to 15%"

Indoor Thermal Comfort

Temperature and humidity are some of the most vital components contributing to your occupants’ comfort and productivity. Inside, we can analyze your HVAC systems to ensure they are operating correctly and efficiently while providing a comfortable atmosphere for occupants.

Outdoor Thermal Comfort

Outside, with the help of CFD analysis, we will take into consideration everything from shade and water features and a building’s orientation to help boost wind flow for natural cooling. By utilizing this service in the design stage, you can make the best possible energy saving choices before construction begins.

Compliance Modeling & Optimization

Here we use energy modeling to analyze building performance over a year. The performance is then benchmarked against a local and/or international standard like ASHRAE 90.1 as a form of applying building rating systems such as LEED and BREEAM. We can also compare against a client defined baseline to see how a future project will compare to an existing one. In this way, we can suggest the most innovative improvements that will offer the best return on investment and support a more sustainable future.

Green Building

White Paper: Energy Modeling + BIM,
Integrated At Last: Real-time operational energy and cost analysis throughout design and construction

As the world moves rapidly towards a more sustainable future, the design and construction of high-performance buildings has become the aspiration of developers on a global scale. In order to bring high-performance design to life, developers and designers alike need to adopt novel processes and abandon timeworn and out of date practices.

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“Alpin were not only able to provide the skilled personnel that the complexity of the project demanded but they were also able to advise us on the use and capabilities of the software. Through this they demonstrated a true understanding of the project requirements and challenges that we would face.”

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