Building Information Management / Virtual Design and Construction

BIM (Building Information Management) is a virtual way of revolutionizing the way we build

The rise of 3D to 6D Building Information Modelling and Virtual Design Management in construction has truly revolutionized the way we do business. No more wading through mountains of paper designs. No more waiting to see if an idea might work. With BIM and VDC, you can visualize exactly how your project will look and feel right from the very start. It’s a fast, efficient way of ensuring what you see is exactly what you get.

Why BIM / Virtual Design Management is so important

How does BIM work? Bringing a project’s vision to life is no easy task. Before the days of BIM and Virtual Design Management, decisions that looked perfect on paper often needed correction on the construction site itself, resulting in the waste of materials - not to mention, time and money. There are huge benefits of BIM and our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) process to your project. Not only does it help everyone involved visualize exactly how your development will look and perform, it allows for changes and decisions to be made before we even step foot on the construction site.

It gives us the freedom to experiment with new elements and ensure they are buildable without needing to waste any on site time or resources. In fact, the use of 3D BIM in developments has become so important that the UK government has deemed all its projects must meet a minimum level of “collaborative 3D BIM.” Dubai has also followed suit, mandating BIM on most of its governmental projects. What it means for you as an owner or developer is a faster, more cost effective, high performing project that will surpass your expectations.

Our Approach to Building Information Management / Virtual Design Management

Our years of experience in design and construction means we can rise to even the most complex of project challenges. Our priority is firstly to fully understand your vision for your development, so that we can model and co-ordinate your entire project with accuracy, ease and efficiency.

To help us do just that, we are privileged to work with a team of experts. Ranging from VDC professionals to architects, engineers and BIM modellers, they have already expertly handled everything from high end commercial towers to major airport developments.

We offer BIM services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and more. Our projects include some of the region’s most prominent BIM projects.

Our BIM Services

Building Information Modelling

BIM is a highly intelligent process that helps us virtually plan, design, construct and manage your entire project. Converting 2D drawings to high end 3D models gives everyone involved much more insight and transparency into the costs, materials and time required - right from the very start.

BIM Model and Information Management

Our BIM team has years of experience in setting up and implementing high end BIM Execution and Management Plans that are guaranteed to deliver your project’s requirements.

Process Mapping

Behind every successful VDC project is a clearly defined plan. Our experts can help you create a blueprint for the right processes and practices to ensure the entire process runs smoothly and effectively.


4D Schedule Simulation gives us the power to ‘walk through’ the entire construction process and pin-point and overcome any potential risks - long before the first brick is even laid down on site.


We offer complete 5D model solutions, which can reveal a wealth of real time information about the cost effectiveness of your project. Our detailed 5D schedule simulations will show you exactly how changes to your project will affect your budgets and overall construction schedules. You’ll be able to approach the model with different scenarios and questions and instantly see these will impact your costs and timings, helping to maximize your project’s productivity.


Once your construction project is complete, we can deliver a 6D model – an “as-built” BIM model that is packed full of information directly relevant to the operation phase of your building. This model can be used to model and evaluate energy efficiency, monitor your project’s life cycle and maximize its overall cost efficiency.

Change Management

There is no doubt that VDC is revolutionizing the way our industry works. We also know that embracing change and new technology isn’t always easy and that the human aspect is sometimes forgotten. That’s why we offer our own change management consulting to help you personally get up to speed with a more high tech way of working.

Facilities Management

Trust Alpin to use the latest Building Information Management technology to deliver structured data and information and an accurate as-built BIM model to assist you with managing your built environment.

Green Building

White Paper: Energy Modeling + BIM,
Integrated At Last: Real-time operational energy and cost analysis throughout design and construction

As the world moves rapidly towards a more sustainable future, the design and construction of high-performance buildings has become the aspiration of developers on a global scale. In order to bring high-performance design to life, developers and designers alike need to adopt novel processes and abandon timeworn and out of date practices.

Download White Paper (PDF)


“Alpin were not only able to provide the skilled personnel that the complexity of the project demanded but they were also able to advise us on the use and capabilities of the software. Through this they demonstrated a true understanding of the project requirements and challenges that we would face.”

Peeter Reves-Toy

Peter Reeves-Toy,
Director for and on behalf of Tony Gee and Partners, UAE

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