Alpin and Setec partner to tackle the built environment’s most pressing issues

The UAE-based consulting firm Alpin and the France-based engineering firm Setec have announced a new strategic partnership in order to help commission and develop projects that will lead to a more sustainable and resilient built environment.

This cooperation will benefit from each organization’s strengths to help resolve some of the most pressing challenges faced by communities and the built environment industry today. As such, the firms will come together to assist Governments, city planners, real estate developers and end-users across Europe and the Middle East to implement innovative green building solutions that can truly make a difference and create a significant impact on the future communities in the region and in the world.

Alpin is a leading built-asset consultancy specializing in environmental and sustainability compliance, third party, independent MEP commissioning, governmental policy and infrastructure advisory services. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, it has offices across the Gulf Cooperation Council Region, as well as London.

Setec is an independent group, and amongst the world leaders in multidisciplinary engineering. Several generations stand and work alongside each other in human size companies conducive to collaborative work, emulation and inventiveness.

Passionate about their professions, they help make the most complex and daring projects possible all over the world, contributing to building a more sustainable, secure, better connected and more agreeable world to live in. Since its creation in 1957, the group has positioned itself on large and important projects: the Channel tunnel, the Millau Viaduct, the High-Speed railway lines, the Paris and Riyadh metro, numerous high rise towers, the Louis Vuitton Foundation, and many, many other projects.

Jourdan Younis

“At Alpin, we are proud to consider ourselves some of the world’s leading voices and forward thinkers on everything to do with sustainable development and building commissioning. This new partnership will help expand our already large service offerings. Having partnered with Setec on many projects in the past years, we were impressed by their dedication to excellence. It was this very positive experience that drove us to establish this strategic partnership with the hopes of positively transforming the built environment. In addition, Setec and Alpin share many synergies and a common way of thinking. Setec is an employee-owned firm that is committed to their people and that is something we really appreciate,” said Alpin’s Director, Jourdan Younis.

Alpin has a long history of developing green structures that receive the highest certifications. The firm is currently involved in getting the KSA Amaala Airfield LEED Platinum certified and has helped develop Al Zahia, the first BREEAM Certified Community in the Middle East among others. The firm is also dedicated to engineering Net Zero buildings that are in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Goals.

The environmental quality of buildings today is a growing market in the Middle East. The majority stake in Alpin company corresponds to our choice of international development in the heart of the territories. This is a company involved in finding solutions for better and more sustainable buildings, which correspond to Setec’s values. We have also chosen it for its intrinsic qualities: its high-level staff keen on innovation, its commercial dynamism and its agility in these growth markets, upstream and related to ours,” underlines Michel Kahan, President of the Setec group (photo courtesy of Thierry Lewenberg-Sturm).

Alpin and Setec share a common vision of delivering demanding and challenging engineering and building projects that add value to the built environment and the world at large. The organizations have both undertaken complex projects with great success and are both unmistakable thought leaders in the industry.

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