Mission-Critical Facilities

End-to-end services for mission-critical facilities

Mission-critical facilities are facilities where down-time is not an option because of the risk of loss of life, extensive financial loss, and security breaches. These facilities include data centers, security facilities, weapons systems, laboratories, and advanced manufacturing.

They have a significantly lower tolerance for design variance, which highlights the importance of ensuring the highest standards of engineering care and inspections. In short, our trusted services for mission-critical facilities are needed when failure is not an option.

We offer multifaceted and end-to-end services for mission-critical facilities to ensure that your goals are met at every stage of your project. We tailor our approach to your unique needs and systems.

Why are Mission-Critical Facilities services so important?

Mission-critical facilities require meticulous planning and they often have specific requirements. For example, these requirements might include cooling systems (Close Control Units), energy efficiency, system monitoring, and protecting against the redundancy of power supply systems. Other requirements might include staff training, in-depth redundancy planning, and multiple back-up facilities.

Special attention must be given to the most critical systems, which include power systems, cooling systems, and security systems. If proper measures aren't taken, risks include loss of life, significant financial loss, and security breaches.

Our approach to Mission-Critical Facilities services

Our team includes some of the leading technical experts in this field. We have years of experience in helping our clients reach their goals for mission-critical facilities and extensive knowledge of the best alternatives for mission-critical facility systems.

Besides ensuring that your building meets all its requirements, we are also focused on delivering your project on time and within budget. We use a wide range of different technological solutions, which help us deliver faster and smarter results.

Our Mission-Critical Facilities services

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling (CFD)

CFD is one of our core services for mission-critical facilities. CFD is used by creating a 3D representation of a project with specialized simulation software and simulating airflow throughout the space. The simulation shows how it will react under optimal and adverse conditions. With this model, building operations can be accurately optimized. CFD is undertaken at the design stage and can be used for thermal modeling.

Building Envelope Inspections

Our Building Envelope Inspections help protect your interiors from exterior elements and ensure micron filtration standards for facilities such as Clean Rooms, Advanced Manufacturing Facilities, and Operating Theaters,. These include water and air leakages and moisture issues, which we help prevent with the help of blower door tests, thermal cameras, and, as licensed drone operators, drone inspections with mounted FLIR Thermal cameras.

Energy Modeling

Our Energy Modeling services utilize the latest technology to understand how all your systems function together. We then analyze different strategies for improving your mission-critical facility management and performance. Many mission-critical facilities are heavy “Process Energy” users and therefore, we use ASHRAE 90.1 special simulations.


Our commissioning services ensure continuous uptime throughout the year and 24x7 operability of the facility without unplanned operations. We run building integration tests to do live simulations of how a mission-critical facility would perform under adverse conditions. We also do systems integration tests and simulations. For mission-critical facilities, commissioning is needed already at the planning stage and all the way to building hand-over and continuous building calibration. We also offer re-commissioning services and building tuning through operations for existing facilities.

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Our architectural acoustics services apply to the control of sound and vibration within mission-critical facilities. We look at noise that could exceed critical thresholds for buildings such as Advanced Manufacturing Facilities and Labs and those that require acoustical isolation. Such noise can include noisy ventilation systems. Thanks to our on-site testing equipment, we can make accurate acoustic measurements and quickly identify solutions that can enhance the ambiance of your environment.

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