With our government development projects, we help create iconic buildings that communities can be proud to live in.

Emerging economies worldwide

Government buildings often lie at the heart of our communities and form a big part of our everyday life. From museums and police stations to government offices and gardens, the demand for these services makes commissioning them a highly important task.

We believe that government construction projects should be more than simply functional structures. They should be iconic developments that future generations can instantly recognize. The demand for such high-quality government facilities is rising, whether this is to meet regional expectations or to satisfy the number of emerging economies worldwide. At Alpin, we help our clients to realize all their visions by creating low carbon and efficient buildings that the whole community can be proud of for decades to come.

Our government construction services (Advisory Development Services) help you create truly sustainable projects. Our mission is to make the construction industry more sustainable and to ensure the wellbeing of people. To achieve this, we use our extensive experience.


We help you achieve better government construction results with our commissioning services. You get a thorough understanding of the resource and energy savings you can make before you start the construction phase.

Building performance analytics

Want your new or already operational building to perform optimally? In that case, our building performance analytics services will help you achieve those savings.


Our BIM (Building Information Management) and Virtual Design Management services will help you visualize your project before you start working on the construction phase.

Green building consulting

Our green building consultants help you achieve green certifications like LEED, WELL, and Estidama.

Sustainable Master Planning

Our sustainable master planning services help you plan and develop successful communities.

Specialist Training

We work together with you to find solutions to all your sustainability challenges.

Alpin Innovation Labs (AILA)

AILA helps you keep at the forefront of what’s happening in the government construction space. Our solutions are some of the most innovative in the development and construction industry.

Our portfolio includes some of the most interesting development and construction projects in the governmental sector. These include:

  • The Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority is a government construction project that consists of the construction and maintenance of the HQ for Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority and which includes three basements, a ground floor, mezzanine, seven floors, and a roof. Alpin helped the project achieve a 2-Pearl Mostadam rating. Among others, 23 units were commissioned, 30 materials reviewed, and 40 clashes were detected before construction.
  • ADNOC New Corporate Headquarters, which consists of a build-up area that is expected to be about 190,000 square meters, including a 342m office tower, podium and atrium, and an underground parking block. We helped the project achieve 15% energy savings and 40% water savings, as well as increase fresh air by 31%.
  • The Qatar Museum Authority – QMA Offices, which we helped achieve LEED certification. The project achieved a 31% increase in fresh air, 28% energy savings, and 42% water savings.

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