With billions working in diverse occupations in offices around the world, the challenge of this sector is to create a healthy environment that inspires greatness

Commercial development to create healthy environments

Commercial development projects require the best quality, but also expertise on how to create buildings that work sustainably for commercial purposes. At Alpin, that’s our specialty.

We have worked on a wide range of cutting edge sustainable offices that are both environmentally and commercially justifiable. Our designs cleverly use natural lighting, ventilation and grey-water recycling to reduce running costs and emissions, resulting in a happier, healthier working space, as well as increases in your building valuation, more attractive rental spaces, and higher sales prices.

Our commercial development services include our cutting-edge expertise in helping projects achieve their sustainability goals and increase their ROI. Our services for the commercial sector include:

Green certifications

Want to achieve a green certification for your building? Our green consultants have decades of experience helping projects just like yours achieve certifications like LEED and Estidama.

WELL certification

Want to create a space that’s optimized for people’s wellbeing and productivity? Our WELL services help you achieve your goals.


Our commissioning services help you set up and execute commercial development projects that save costs and have long-term benefits like resource savings.


Our BIM services help you use 3D and 6D Building Information Management technology to visualize your project at the planning stage.

Building performance

We help you optimize your building’s performance at the planning stage and when your building is fully operational.

Alpin Innovation Labs

Have a project that requires the latest technology? Alpin Innovation Labs is our innovation department. We offer services like commercial drone inspections and more.

We’ve worked on several of the region’s most prominent development projects in the commercial sector. Here are some commercial development examples:

  • Our commissioning project for the Etihad Crew Briefing Centre in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, helped the project achieve an Estidama rating. We helped the project achieve results like 12% water savings.
  • ADNOC New Corporate Headquarters in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is a commercial sustainability consulting project. The ADNOC complex consists of a 342m office tower, as well as a podium and atrium and an underground parking block. We helped the project achieve its LEED certification. The project achieved 40% water savings, a 31% increase in fresh air, and 15% energy savings.
  • The new Al Hilal Bank facility in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, comprises of over 34,000 sqm of office space and 700 sqm of retail area. The facility will be serviced by a Light Rail station and will include 1,000 parking spaces. We assisted the project with our sustainability consulting services. As a result, the project achieved a 1 Pearl Estidama rating. As part of this commercial development project, we reviewed 29 materials, trained 42 professionals, and achieved 20 credit points.


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