Advanced Manufacturing, Cleanrooms and Lab Facilities

Secure and reliable facilities to meet the highest standards and the most stringent requirements

We offer end-to-end third-party design reviews, independent testing and inspections, and preventative maintenance services for advanced Advanced Manufacturing, Cleanrooms and Lab Facilities for new and existing buildings.

Our Advanced Manufacturing, Cleanrooms and Lab services offer secure and reliable facilities for clients of various sizes and in different industries. We know that your project must meet the highest standards and the most stringent requirements. As your Technical Expert Partner, we offer unparalleled services that help you achieve these expectations.

Advanced Manufacturing, Cleanrooms and Lab Facilities require the foremost technical expertise to make sure that your facility works as it needs to. Our team consists of industry-leading talent with a strong background in critical facilities. In addition to our in-house consultants, we partner with industry experts.

How to create safe and secure Advanced Manufacturing, Cleanrooms and Lab Facilities

Advanced Manufacturing, Cleanrooms and Lab Facilities, such as biotech, tech, process, and microchip manufacturing facilities, data centers, advanced laboratories, and cleanrooms, must meet strict standards and work error-free. The risk of a contaminated facility includes loss of life, massive costs, lawsuits, and more.

On the other hand, proper facilities ensure that your products and research are kept safe from these types of risks and hazards. You also offer the best work environment for your employees, which, in turn, can have a significant impact on overall profitability.

Our approach to Advanced Manufacturing

Alpin is one of the GCC region’s most trusted technical experts for Advanced Manufacturing, Cleanrooms and Lab Facilities. Our senior consultants, who have specialized knowledge including medical facility design and inspection accreditations, such as ASHRAE HFDP, partner with you to create safe and functioning facilities. We are extremely meticulous in our work because we understand that downtime is not an option for you and your reputation is at stake, which means that the quality of your facilities is non-negotiable.

Additionally, we use Alpin Commissioning Cloud, our proprietary software, and hardware to help optimize the process and ensure that data isn’t lost. We follow the ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom Standards and BS 5295 Cleanroom Standards for cleanrooms.

Services for Advanced Manufacturing, Cleanrooms and Lab Facilities

Our Independent MEPF Auditing and Commissioning services ensure that your facility is designed in accordance with the required standards in terms of energy efficiency, indoor environment, staff training, operation of the building, and maintenance. For example, we ensure that your building has access to the highest standards of air quality in accordance with ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom Standards.

Our Commissioning services ensure that your building measures up to your required standards, such as ASHRAE Standard 202, BSRIA, CIBSE, and SMACNA, or mandatory LEED, Estidama, and GSAS system requirements. We help you develop the Owner’s Project Requirement (OPR) and guide your design team during the creation of the Basis of Design (BoD).

Our re-commissioning and retro-commissioning services can be applied to your existing buildings. Re-commissioning focuses on already commissioned buildings and retro-commissioning will ensure that existing buildings, which haven’t been commissioned before, are properly commissioned.

Commissioning results in fewer deficiencies and delays, better maintenance and lower costs. For your facility, proper commissioning is critical to prevent contamination of spaces and it’s a cost-effective way to take preventative action. Independent third-party assurance services act as insurance for your facility. Our commissioning experts use proprietary commissioning software and other technology to ensure the best results.

Green Building services, such as LEED certification, can help Advanced Manufacturing, Cleanrooms and Lab Facilities in a number of ways. Your facility becomes resource-efficient. This means the effective use of materials, water, and energy. Additionally, we optimize waste management, indoor air quality, and, if appropriate for your facility, natural lighting.

We also offer WELL certification. In fact, our Masdar City headquarters is the first WELL-certified building in the Middle East. WELL can help you optimize your work environment for experts working on critical R&D projects or overseeing manufacturing. This certification offers healthy and productive workspaces, which can have a direct impact on your innovative capacity and turnover.

In addition to creating an optimized space and offering a productive work environment, green certifications and WELL certification come with marketing and brand benefits. They can also support your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a service that’s used by creating a 3D representation of a project with specialized simulation software. It helps model the flow of air within a space, potential leakage points, and how a facility will react under optimal and adverse conditions. If this step is taken early on in the design phase, the design can be effectively changed before the construction phase. This reduces the need for change orders later on in the process.

Our Facility Testing and Auditing services help optimize your facility and test for various contaminants. For example, we can investigate what effect heat, humidity, and dust have on the performance of your facility. We also check for possible leaks. With our software, we can make a predictive analysis of your facility’s performance in the future. As part of our Auditing services, we do a health check-up on your facility and optimize it to mitigate potential health risks and hazards.

HVAC systems need to be efficient and filtration must be of the highest standards to avoid contaminants in your spaces. As part of our Facility Testing offerings, HVAC Inspection Services help you ensure that your heating and cooling systems are functioning properly.

Façade / building envelope inspections help prevent façade deficiencies, such as leaks. This way, contaminants are prevented from coming into the space. Additionally, loose, missing, or otherwise damaged façade elements can be identified and fixed. Our qualitative Façade / Building Envelope Inspection Services can be combined with the latest technology, such as drones. We are licensed drone operators and drone inspections are one of our specialties.

Forensics is the expert investigation and analysis of the cause of any failures or defects that can arise during the operational phase. Buildings have become increasingly complex and the risk of issues arising has become more common. Our independent MEP forensics specialists help you analyze and report on root causes of problems and to find solutions to them.

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Our independent MEP forensic specialists have over 20 years of expertise in analyzing and identifying issues in MEP systems. We have advanced knowledge of MEP systems and understand the interoperability of systems, including emerging building technologies. Our MEP Auditing services help ensure that your facility doesn’t experience negative pressurization, the filtration meets the required standards, humidity is controlled, indoor air quality is optimized, and more.

Advanced Manufacturing, Cleanrooms and Lab Facilities are extremely energy-intensive. For example, the difference between an optimized server room and a server room that hasn’t been designed with energy optimization in mind can be significant. With our energy modeling services, we model process loads and reduce energy consumption. We take into consideration everything from your building’s orientation, materials, and HVAC to lighting, water, and renewable energy resources.

Noise and vibrations are contaminants that can have a major impact on your facility. Our Acoustics services help ensure that noise is controlled in your space. Our on-site equipment allows us to make accurate acoustic measurements. We can quickly identify solutions to eliminate noise. In addition to our own team of experts, we work with some of the world’s leading acoustical consultants. During the planning phase, we help you make better design decisions. With high-tech computer models, we can also simulate acoustics in a space. We use proven engineering techniques to reduce the noise and vibration from your building’s equipment.

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