Smart Buildings and Data Analytics

Really Smart Buildings and Data Analytics

How are smart buildings and data analytics used in construction and development projects today? Here’s what you need to know.

It is true to say that the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly revolutionizing the way we work today, leading to better connectivity and ease in the way we handle and analyze data. The increase in the use of sensors and smart devices allows us to better manage complex building systems, while data and advanced analytics means we can predict project operational challenges well before they arise.

Alpiners at heart are innovators, and we’re always looking for new ways to advance the way we work, and IoT forms a big part of our business. To help integrate this, we currently collaborate with two US companies that have hardware and software solutions for new and existing buildings. The first is Senseware, a Boston based company, that has developed hardware in the form of deployable sensors that be added to existing systems, without the need for an expensive renovations and MEP upgrades.

This self-installing Senseware hardware is used to collect data and control all MEP systems, allowing us to determine how equipment is performing in real time. The data collected is then analyzed and used to help optimize building performance. The beauty of this hardware is that is very scalable – it can grow with the building and as new technology is developed.

The second company we work closely with is Measurabl, an all-in-one sustainability solution that is currently being deployed in more than 25,000 assets around the world. It helps your operations team collect data, create investment grade reports (GRESB) and analyze asset performance. Through its cloud based, secure platform, you can instantly see how your building is performing energy wise, benchmarking it in comparison to other assets within your portfolio or to other peers worldwide. This allows you to quickly spot areas which might need improvement leading to greater operational efficiency. Both Senseware and Measurabl are excellent tools that tie in perfectly in with our Digital Commissioning services.

There you have it. Now you know how smart buildings and data analytics are used to optimize and improve the construction and development sector.