Pregnant woman on phone with a laptop in front of her

Alpin’s New and Improved Maternity Leave Policy

The new policy offers up to 90 days of additional paid leave.

At Alpin, we are committed to providing our female employees, who are expecting or are new mothers, with equal opportunity, in the form of support and flexibility required during and directly after pregnancy. As such, we have implemented a new Maternity Leave Policy that is a direct reflection of the values in our Alpin Diversity and Inclusivity Policy.

By providing policies that exceed the regional norm, we hope to be able to retain our employees and make sure to create a working environment where our female talent feel comfortable building their family as well as their career. Alpin’s aspirations, as always, are to safeguard our employees’ career growth, and in this case, make sure that our female employees won’t be set back in their careers by being pregnant or becoming mothers.

As required by UAE law, Alpin provides all female employees 45 calendar days paid maternity leave. In addition to this, the Company has updated its maternity policy to allow for more flexibility for pregnant and new mothers in our team.

In addition to the 45-day standard paid leave, Alpin mothers stand to benefit from up to 90 days of paid leave.

“This new policy is meant to make life easier and more pleasant for new mothers. We understand the challenges of being a mother and working at the same time and want to ensure our employees are given all the tools they need to rest and raise their children while being productive members of our team. We hope this new policy will also help women progress and grow in their careers,” said Hala Hassan, Senior HR Generalist at Alpin.

The Alpin leaders are fully committed to creating a working ecosystem that goes beyond additional paid leave and that truly supports new parents providing the flexibility needed after the arrival of a newborn. Read more about Alpin’s Diversity and Inclusivity initiative.