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مرحبا / Bonjour / Hola / Բարեւ / Ձեզ / Χαίρετε / ഹലോ / Kamusta / Hallo / வணக்கம் / 你好 / 안녕하세요 / שלום / नमस्ते / Ciao / こんにちは / Здравствуйте
Phew! We actually survived.
The unpredictable year that was 2020. Let’s look back at this weird blip in the timeline.

We started the year with the below goals:

Celebrate Growth.Sustainability.Technology.People.

It’s been 3217 days* since the opening of Alpin!


In 2020, we had to be the most flexible we’ve ever been.


Virtual team meetings


Trips not taken


Masks worn

The pandemic didn’t stop our momentum.

Over 15 new credentials added to the badges of our Consultants.


Files added to box


People trained

And it didn’t stop us from strengthening our team!


New job applicants


HR emails received


Alpin Team retained


New Alpin interns


New Alpin joiners


Alpin Babies

2 ISO certifications renewed

1 new ISO certification achieved: ISO 45001:2018

WELL Health and Safety Certification Awarded

Fourteen is such a big number that we cannot stop talking about.

That’s the number of languages that our Alpin crew onboard can speak.

(English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Tagalog, German, Tamil, French, Spanish, Armenian, Greek, Chinese, Korean)

That’s also the number of diverse Alpiners we have on team from various geographies.

(Indian, Jordanian, Filipino, Sudanese, French, Austrian, Chilean, Armenian, American, Greek, Canadian, Pakistani, Lebanese, Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, Palestinian)

Yeah! Take that Emirates and Etihad. We're a global village too!

Thought Leadership is one of our core values, and we made sure to uphold this in 2020.


Articles published to Alpin Insights


Webinars/Conferences spoken at

Collectively, we pushed our Alpin voices to the forefront.

Year 2020 at Alpin was also a year of fitness with over 75% of Alpiners actively participating in various events.

Ramadan Run to Riyadh
Everest Campaign
Max of 3 Campaign
Steps Unified Challenge

Climbed a total of 61,476 stairs over to Mt. Everest.

Through Alpin’s efforts in the Everest Campaign, we contributed 785 meals to construction workers in the local-community.

Moments from Bloomberg race held in February 2020.

We kept it healthy with over 197 KGs of fruit consumed at the office! And 68 marshmallows :)

On our journey to create a more sustainable world, the Alpin team leaves no one behind. Our Alpin Diversity and Inclusivity Initiative is proof of this.

42% of Alpiners are women
Creating a support group to build each other up!

Now, let's look at the data that the polar bear only cares about, ahem ahem...

Shortlisted for Green Consultant of the Year at the MENA Green Building Awards
Shortlisted for Sustainable Business of the year at the MEED Gulf Capital SME Awards
Our Project with MAF: Al Zahia Phase 4 - Al Lilac shortlisted for Regional Award at the BREEAM Awards


Number of projects awarded


Number of proposals issued


Happy clients


Projects successfully delivered


Healthcare projects underway


Buildings commissioned

We even gained a few fans along the way.


Followers on LinkedIn


Viewers of email campaigns

We also partnered with two companies this year.

Alpin Limited logo and Urban Change logo

Champions of Sustainability

At the end of the day, we do what we do for the betterment of the environment. Through our AILA services, from the beginning of Alpin to now, we have saved our clients 173,904,131 kWh in energy savings.

That’s 135,537 tons of carbon emissions we protected the environment from!

One more thing.

Meet our adopted bird.

The Alpin Hummingbird represents
These also reflect the Alpin Team’s strengths in 2020!

000 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds

...till we say Happy 2021. The year of face masks.

Or was that 2020?

Yes, indeed this is the end of the page. Sorry for taking your time. Just one last thing. That mandatory copyright message. That's all.

Looking forward to 2021

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