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Whitepaper: Green Building in Africa

The African continent is changing fast. By 2050, its population is projected to have grown by 1.3 billion people, more than half of the…

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Energy Management Solutions: Designed and constructed to be energy efficient, but how is it operated?

How are energy management solutions operated? Energy efficiency has become a pressing concern and a necessary pursuit in the past 10 years.…

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How can daylighting solutions support building occupants’ health and well being as well as making your building more sustainable?

Daylighting is used to describe the controlled use of natural light in and around buildings. In practice, it is the simple execution of…

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Energy Efficiency

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in many ways. It has had an immeasurable impact on our habits and the way we live and work,…

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business travel tips

10 best business travel tips to stay healthy and productive on your business trips during pandemic

How do you stay healthy and productive on a business trip? If you one to travel a lot for work or otherwise, first and foremost you want to…

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Steps we’re taking at Alpin to drive inclusion at the workplace

At Alpin, we’re proud to have a diverse team of employees of varying ages, from nations all over the world, who speak over 14 different…

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Why should nature be integrated into the built environment?

In modern society, most people spend around 90% of their time indoors. This means the total time we spend outdoors is a fairly…

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Alpin’s New and Improved Maternity Leave Policy

The new policy offers up to 90 days of additional paid leave. At Alpin, we are committed to providing our female employees, who are…

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Hospital Commissioning: The Financial Benefits of Health Facility Commissioning

What are the benefits of hospital commissioning? Great question. Health facility commissioning comes with a range of benefits, including…

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How is Vernacular Architecture supporting a more sustainable Built Environment?

Buildings tell us a lot about the place it is set in. It is a reflection of the culture during the period it was built, and the resources…

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