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Building Acoustics: How to Design Healthier Buildings

What is building acoustics? Today, you learn all about building acoustics and how acoustic design can help in the development of…

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Sustainable Construction: The 2020 Guide

What is sustainable construction and why is it important? Investments in green building projects are going up. Overall, the construction…

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Building Commissioning: What’s the ROI?

Wondering what building commissioning is and why you should use commissioning in your development and construction projects? Commissioning…

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Daman Corporate Health Awards: Our Story

The Daman Corporate Health Awards is awarded to companies in the United Arab Emirates who focus extensively on employee wellness. Alpin…

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Mostadam: What is Saudi Arabia’s New Green Building Rating System?

Curious to know more about Mostadam, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s new green building rating system? Mostadam was developed and launched…

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in Construction

Have you ever wondered about the materials used in the construction of your house or your workplace and the impacts they have on the…

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Vision 2030

Green Building in Saudi Arabia: What the Industry Looks Like in 2020

What is the state of green building in Saudi Arabia? If you’re wondering what green building looks like in Saudi Arabia and where the…

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Building Performance: How to Maximize the ROI

Wondering how your building can achieve the best possible return on investment? Building performance is key. And with Building Asset and…

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Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling in Building Design

Wondering how Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling can be used in development projects to aid cost-effective design?  What started as a…

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INSEAD Middle East Campus, MENA’s First to Achieve LEED v4.1 EBOM Certification

INSEAD, the Business School for the World, has further elevated its global and regional prestige by achieving the platinum-level…

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