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Tilal Al Ghaf’s Sales & Experience Centre wins BREEAM 2022

Tilal Al Ghaf’s Sales & Experience Centre Wins at BREEAM 2022

We are proud to announce that the Building Research Establishment (BRE) has awarded Majid Al Futtaim’s flagship community Tilal Al Ghaf’s…

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Solar panel in Black and White

Two Ways to Increase Solar Power Generation in the Middle East

In March 2022, the world crossed a significant milestone in pushing for more renewable energy. PV Magazine, a leading photovoltaics…

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London Skyline

BREEAM Certification: Everything You Need to Know

Heard of the green building certification system BREEAM and want to know more? This article gives you a quick rundown of everything you…

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Environmental Social Governance ESG

What Is ESG, and How Does It Contribute to Businesses and Investors?

What is ESG and why is it important? Businesses have been vastly affected by the pandemic, and it has opened our eyes towards new conducts…

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engineers looking over a construction site

Importance of Sustainable Building Materials

What is the importance of sustainable building material? In building design, the selection of materials is an essential and critical…

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Factory with smoke billowing out into the sky

GHG Emissions: Everything You Need To Know

What are GHG emissions? A greenhouse gas (or GHG for short) is any gas in the atmosphere that absorbs heat and thereby keeps the planet's…

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Flora integrated into building design

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability: How Can CSR Be Sustainable?

How do Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability work together? In today’s article, you learn what Sustainable Corporate Social…

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Whitepaper on Sustainable Development Innovations

7 Key Technological Innovations for Sustainable Development in 2022

Rapid urban growth, climate change, and wealth inequality are just a few of the challenges that are being addressed by new technological…

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AR in the Construction Industry

The Role of Augmented Reality in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is the oldest in the world, with innovations built into its core. The last century has seen exponential…

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Post pandemic workplace

Supporting Mental Health in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

In many workplaces around the world, there remains a stigma around mental health. Interwoven with culture and work ethics, the topic is…

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