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For the past few decades, the construction industry has proven to be challenged by many issues.

Issues of time, money, and operational inefficiency. Projects are rarely delivered on time and within budget, operational costs are often higher than initially predicted, and in many cases built- assets do not operate as efficiently or sustainably as intended. While most other sectors have excelled in ever increasing productivity, the construction sector has unfortunately stagnated.

Alpin Innovation Labs hopes to change this.

Our Vision

To provide innovative practices that promote an efficient, cost effective, and industry-changing delivery of projects‘ success targets in terms of design, construction, and operations.

We aim to revolutionize and commercialize, not only the technical elements of the construction industry, but also the construction process itself.

The issues mentioned above relate to the outdated practices that are still being used to design, build, and operate buildings. Additionally, sustainability is often ignored, not properly planned for, or seen as a burden rather than virtue that has both economical and social benefits.

The Economist has rated the construction industry as the least efficient industry, and the fact that this industry has yet to completely adapt to the digital world only cements this rating. Technology has jumped far into the future in comparison to the design and construction sustainability practices used on most projects today.

This is where Alpin Innovation Labs comes in. We want to positively impact the industry both locally and also on a larger scale. Putting sustainability of design and construction, and operation efficiency at the height of our focus.

As a pioneer in commissioning. sustainability consultancy and BIM, Alpin has developed the “Alpin Innovation Labs” (AILa). An integrated group within the Alpin organization that aims to:

  • Positively impact the construction industry and provide the tools and strategies for a positive transformation of how sustainable design, construction, and operations of buildings are performed.
  • Evolve sustainability practices and adapt the industry to the technological era.
  • Introduce new services to the market that allow for a smooth transition from paperwork to technology adaptation in the industry
  • Develop leading-edge processes that support efficient delivery of projects‘ success targets.
  • Adapting technological means to deliverables that ensure highest levels of quality development.

Our focus

  • Integration of services (innovating in the places in-between)
  • Exploring applications of drone technology for inspections
  • Use of augmented reality for remote inspections
  • Development of streamlined software for repetitive work optimization and building performance visualization
  • Improving the human quality of site offices.

The general approach to developing and adapting innovative sustainability practices to the projects‘ development includes:
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Did you know unwanted noise can have a significant impact on the health and well being of your building’s occupants? That’s why noise control is a vital consideration. Our experienced engineers will evaluate every aspect of your project to deliver the best acoustical solutions for you - whether it is a private residence or a multibillion dollar medical facility.


Alpin + Measurabl

Sustainability management begins with collecting data. Alpin+Measurabl continually checks for discrepancies and irregularities so your reports are always up to date and investment-grade.


Alpin CxCloud

We offer enterprise applications and software solution that helps our clients all over the world deliver better performing systems for their buildings, improve operations, and quickly adapt to changes in business demands; engineered for the full CIBSE + ASHRAE commissioning process from design, construction and operations.


Building Asset Condition Assessments

Through extensive inspections, we can deliver high tech data to help you determine the useful life that is left in the MEP systems, previous asset depreciation and advise on any current or future risks and the maintenance required. By pinpointing any potential short falls before they become major issues, we can minimize the impact on future energy consumption and equipment replacement via capex.


Building Performance Analytics

Simulate how a building’s systems will function over a period of time, to better determine the best possible energy and cost-efficient savings. Perform during the early design stage to help you make more informed choices before construction, and may also be performed during operations in order to improve on-going asset performance.


Commercial Drone Inspections

By using drones to carry out cost effective site inspections to detect everything from design faults to building façade leakage, we can help reduce the need for expensive manpower. It also allows us to deliver more timely feedback to clients so that they may take faster action in the event that any defects are discovered.


Commissioning Management Services

Ensure that your project is delivered on time, within budget, and according to plan. Besides cost-savings and securing of profits, we offer a range of advantages, both in terms of the operation of a building and for capturing data for future litigation purposes.


Construction Project Management

As a consultancy with decades of experience in various industries and a reputation of working on some of the region’s most complex projects, we’ve developed an unparalleled approach to construction project management services that will support you in the planning, design, and execution of your project.


Environmental Management

With our Environmental management services, we ensure that air, water, and ground are protected from hazards and degradation for the people who occupy and use the land and water assets. We help you ensure that your projects are completed on time by using the most cutting-edge technology and innovative practices on the market.


LEED Consulting

ESG Consultancy

We offer strong Corporate Social Responsibility expertise together with our extensive project management background to ensure that your goals are met at every stage of the project. All our services align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Facility Auditing

Facility auditing can help improve your buildings by making them healthier, more productive, and more profitable.


MEP Forensics And Independent Analytics

Whether it manifests itself as a major breakdown of a building’s MEP systems or as a more minor issue relating to project performance, forensic analysis is used to get to the heart of the problem and find the best possible solutions. Forensics is the expert investigation and analysis into the cause of any failures or defects that may arise during a project’s operational phase.


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Policy & Advisory Sustainability Services

Our services are in a key position to help you create more sustainable and, in turn, profitable businesses.


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