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Impact of Covid-19 on the Sustainability Industry

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the industries of construction and sustainability? In an interview with Big Project ME, Alpin’s Senior Sustainability Consultant Nour Mousa discusses just this.

For the most part, the pandemic has amplified the existing complications within the industries that have always faced issues with payment delays, a lack of rapid uptake of new technologies, unexpected and costly change orders, ambiguous contracts, and a hesitation to embrace more efficient processes.

But as Nour, one of Alpin’s sustainability experts, puts it, “the solution to a lot of these challenges, especially the more novel ones, lie directly in sustainability.” And many organizations in the region have already begun taking strides in creating and operating more sustainably, placing more importance on achieving sustainability certifications, using low-impact construction materials, and prioritizing the health and wellness of people involved, from the construction team to the end users.

The interview goes on to explore the future of trends such as biophilic design, adaptive reuse, and efficient use of space, and the impact these will have on the region’s environment and economy.

Check out the full interview with Big Project ME in their December issue: Taking Green Building Mainstream.