Sustainable Infrastructure Projects: Examples & Solutions

How do you make complex infrastructure projects sustainable?

At Alpin Limited, sustainable infrastructure projects are one of our core competencies. We’ve worked on several high-profile and large-scale projects, such as the Dubai + Riyadh Metros and right now, the 2020 World Expo.

To ensure that we’re meeting the strictest requirements, we use accreditations such as CEEQUAL. Here’s what our projects look like.

What is CEEQUAL?

CEEQUAL promotes sustainable civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping, and public realm projects. It’s an evidence-based sustainability assessment, rating, and awards scheme. It awards projects that go beyond the minimum threshold in terms of environmental and social performance. 

By using CEEQUAL in your construction projects, you get benefits like these:

  • Sustainability improvements. Resource efficiency and a reduction of complaints and environmental incidents. 
  • PR. CEEQUAL backs up your social responsibility policies. 
  • Reduced costs. Thanks to sustainability planning, you reduce your construction costs. CEEQUAL reports that cost reductions have ranged from £3000 to £5 million.

At Alpin, we work towards changing the construction industry to become more effective and sustainable. CEEQUAL works perfectly with our goals and that’s why we are CEEQUAL accredited. 

How we create sustainable infrastructure projects

Thanks to years of experience and accreditations like CEEQUAL, one of our core areas of expertise are sustainable infrastructure projects. Here’s what we focus on.


As you know, projects involving major airports and train stations require meticulous planning. For us, it’s important to use our innovation, reliability, and high level of expertise when we work on projects that work now and in the future. That involves sustainability. 

Some of the projects we’ve worked on include the expansion of King Khalid International Airport where we helped save 47% water and 19% energy. 

Developing communities

Another one of our core competencies includes creating communities that withstand the test of time and unexpected environmental impacts. We work to ensure that the boom in city living will happen in a sustainable way. We’ve done this by developing sustainable community rating systems, regional 2030 plans, and proofing against climate change effects. One of our projects is the Al Zahia Gardens Masterplan in the United Arab Emirates.

Case study: 2020 World Expo

Alpin was chosen as the design phase commissioning authority for the 2020 World Expo in Dubai. One of the core themes for the Expo, besides Mobility and Opportunity, is Sustainability. 

Our role will be to integrate these themes into the construction, operation, urban design, and legacy of the site. We’ll also focus on the efficient use of resources. Our goal is for this World Expo to be the reference point for sustainability for future Expos. 

And how will we ensure this? By meeting US Green Building Council requirements and local standards. And as a CEEQUAL accredited organization, these standards will naturally impact the project. 

How can you create sustainable projects?

Working on sustainable infrastructure projects? Want to improve your own construction standards? 

That’s what we help you do at Alpin by using our expertise and accreditation systems like CEEQUAL.

Want to learn more about our approach to making complex construction projects sustainable? Read more about how we help you meet even the strictest green building certifications here.