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Whitepaper: Commissioning For Hospitals (Financial Benefits of Independent Client-Side Commissioning)

What benefits does commissioning have for healthcare facilities?

This report on commissioning for hospitals shows the financial benefits of Independent Commissioning Auditors and Advisors.

We use eight confidential hospitals in the GCC as case studies. As part of each project, Alpin studied various commissioning aspects and activities from the Design stage to Construction and through to Operations and highlighted the financial benefits that could be achieved through water and energy savings.

Building Commissioning and MEP Audits can bring significant benefits at a relatively negligible cost. The median normalized cost to deliver commissioning is merely 0.4% of the overall construction cost. According to the BCxA, the average surveyed organization achieved energy savings between 5 and 20% within a simple payback period of 1 to 5 years.

Want to know more about the benefits of commissioning for hospitals? Get the Alpin whitepaper “Healthcare Buildings – Financial Benefits Of Independent Client-side Commissioning” to learn more.