Climate Change

Alpin Launches New Climate Change & Policy Department

Alpin is proud to announce the establishment of a new service department, The Climate Change & Policy Department, with the intention of supporting and advancing the GCC’s momentous and vital response to climate change, sustainable energy use, and establishing long-term sustainability practices in everyday operations.

The construction industry is a significant contributor to global carbon emissions, and Alpin has the experience and knowledge to transform opportunities to create the lasting change necessary to draw down carbon and deliver a sustainable future. Alpin has tapped into the potential of low-carbon solutions to provide energy efficiency in built asset design, construction, and operations, all key contributors to carbon emissions. All our services align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The creation of the new Climate Change & Policy department delivers on Alpin’s vision and commitment to making a difference and elevating critical concerns related to Climate Change. Our core offerings include Advisory, Technical Auditing, and Innovation Services and Corporate Capacity Building for the built environment, and our clients are located in the Middle East, Europe, Far East, and the United States.

“One of our strengths is sustainable policy and capacity building. Whether you’re at the start of your net zero journeys, you’ve already committed but need help to reach your targets, or you need solutions to deliver a low-carbon project. We’re here to help you reduce your emissions and reach carbon neutrality,” says Farah Ghanem.

Our Climate Change & Policy services include sustainability reporting, ESG Consulting, GHG Emissions Advisory, Net Zero Advisory, National or Regional Stanadars Advisory and Renewable Energy Strategies. Taking a whole-system approach can be effective in transforming energy use.

Tasneem Bakri said, “We always work with the end-goal in mind, whether your goal is financial or you want to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly organization. Often, these go hand in hand. Your carbon footprint might be overwhelming, but your journey to carbon neutrality doesn’t have to be.”

Farah Ghanem and Tasneem Bakri have been appointed co-heads of the Climate Change & Policy Department. They are responsible for managing Net Zero Advisory, Decarbonization Strategies, ESG consultancy, and Guidelines and Policy development for private and public agencies. The team also manages the implementation of different tools such as Energy Modeling, Daylighting simulation, Life Cycle Analysis, and Carbon Modelling to consult clients on tailored strategies and solutions to address their carbon footprint during different phases of a built asset life cycle.

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