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Whitepaper: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 and Sustainability

Vision 2030 is Saudi Arabia’s roadmap for future economic and developmental action that expresses their long term goals and objectives. It is being used as a basis of identifying the general direction of policies.

Vision 2030 has three main themes

  • Vibrant Society
  • Thriving Economy
  • Ambitious Nation

Each of these themes has sub-themes and associated objectives, goals and commitments. Many of the goals and objectives within Vision 2030 make reference to sustainability, directly and indirectly.

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Energy Modeling + BIM, Integrated At Last

White Paper: Energy Modeling + BIM,Integrated At Last: Real-time operational energy and cost analysis throughout design and construction

As the world moves rapidly towards a more sustainable future, the design and construction of high-performance buildings has become the aspiration of developers on a global scale. In order to bring high-performance design to life, developers and designers alike need to adopt novel processes and abandon timeworn and out of date practices.

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Commissioning your way to High Performance Buildings

White Paper: Commissioning your way to High Performance Buildings

This white paper covers the benefits of the Commissioning Process managed by an Independent Commissioning Authority, cost savings and viewpoint on high performing buildings.

The report is based on independent data gathered from the OECD™, Harvard™, the US Department of Energy, regional GCC interviews, and the Building Commissioning Association™.

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LEED Costs, Benefits and ROI

Alpin has written in-depth review and compilation of dozens of global research studies with a focus on how LEED certification may or may not have a positive impact on your property development and ongoing operations. The white paper is titled "LEED Costs, Benefits and ROI (Energy, Water, CapEx, Health and Productivity)".

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Adapting to Sea Level Rise in the San Francisco Bay Area

This document is the result of an independent study conducted in the spring semester, 2011.  The report seeks to create a framework for planning for sea level rise in the San Francisco Bay Area through an academic literature review, two case studies, and a multidisciplinary examination of state and local context.  The report concludes with a general planning framework and San Francisco-specific recommendations.

By Dana Brechwald for Harvard Graduate School for Design

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2050 The Shift from Dirty to Clean Energy

The Copenhagen climate summit of 2009 did not deliver what its framers craved, and as carbon-dioxide emissions continue to climb, the future of the new generations and the current is at risk--notably now that the first decade of the 21st century has taken its place as the warmest on record. This paper discusses new thinking to change the energy mix that the world uses, by moving away from coal and oil in our energy demand, to natural gas, and then to nuclear and renewable energy, by enforcing carbon tax and making clean renewable energy cheaper.

By Tamer Zeidan for WU – University of Vienna

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A Study on the Masdar Institute

Jourdan Younis for Management Systems International

This report studies the system of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. It analyzes its vision and goals, modes of functioning, organizational system and philosophy, interaction with the green City of Masdar, and its partnership with MIT. It gives recommendations based on the lessons learned, success factors, and best practices of the Masdar experience, and explains how they could be used for the Mohamed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco.

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