Internship at Alpin

Start your career at a fun and challenging working environment

Internships with Alpin attract talented, innovative and motivated individuals, fresh from academia training, into our challenging working environment.


Alpin is expanding. We treat our internship program as the healthiest, most important source of full-time recruiting we have. From day one to the end of your internship, you are valued as a team member and empowered to take ownership of your work and ideas. You are always provided with guidance and direction when needed by an experienced teammate, to challenge and bring higher performance to each task to make sure you are growing the skills required for your career.

Something is in your way? Let us know, we’ll work to fix it. The people you will work with come from diverse professional backgrounds and various countries, and are readily available to teach and instruct you and provide their experiences and situations about their past.

Benefits and knowledge as an Alpin Intern

  • Better understanding of Alpin’s goals and objectives and how a specialist technical consultancy is organized
  • Insights into the operations of an international organization
  • Multiple networking and professional development opportunities
  • A framework to enhance educational experience through practical work assignments, thereby developing skills which are useful for your career and future employment
  • Experience of working in a multicultural, multidisciplinary and multi-ethnic environment, contributing to the development of mutual understanding, trust and tolerance
  • Real business experience and client interactions
  • Mentorship and collaboration with skilled executives and employees

Internship opportunities are available and offered in our Masdar City office in Abu Dhabi and occasionally, our offices in Europe, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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It depends. The average duration of the internship and Co-op provided at Alpin is three, six and twelve months, however we are also comfortable with more creative co-op options. At Alpin, we offer internship opportunities throughout the year, during the academic year as well as during the summer.

Shorter period of internship aren’t typically granted due to the fact that it does not allow the intern to immerse themselves into their projects and to receive an all-round experience within such a short duration.


Internship applicants, are typically of a junior or senior level within their undergraduate studies or are graduate students (Masters or PhD) enrolled in an accredited college. We are also interested in recent graduates and very talented individuals who are interested in one of our fields of practice.

Candidates are to be within the field of study of Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management, Building Physics and Business.

Motivated individuals and self-starters with strong attention to detail and who are “hands-on” with demonstrated strong problem solving skills. Our internship program embraces the Learn by Doing approach to training.

Willingness and ability to immerse oneself into their project.

The opportunities we have are tremendous. We have not seen this rate of change in the development industry since the invention of the wheel. But when I really think about it, we are all here at Alpin because we share a common believe in our ability to keep pushing the industry ever forward in terms of technical construction, efficiency and sustainability

Jourdan Younis, Founder and Managing Director, An Alpiner


Send a letter of interest to

This must contain information stating the following.

  • Motivation for applying for an internship at Alpin
  • Current academic qualifications
  • Duration of intended internship program
  • Current registered residence (visa) location
  • What you would like to achieve and take away from the internship
  • Your availability and timings
  • Intention to be considered as a paid or unpaid internship

Your resume and academic transcript will be required which will be reviewed by our staffing team. If you’re a good fit for a role, we will reach out to you. Good luck.

Internship Hiring Process

We have a very simple hiring process. But we hire the best.

  • Assessments
  • Stage 1 Interview
  • Stage 2 Interview

If all are satisfactory and you are selected, an offer will be issued by Alpin’s HR team.


As an intern, the misconception of one’s job description entailing and revolving solely around printing copies of documents, fetching coffee for your mentors and fellow team members and being thrown into an avalanche of unbeneficial aspects of the work, is thrown out the window.

Here at Alpin, we provide you with everything you would need to kick start your career adventure by providing you an environment that helps to nurture and develop your skills and learn about the technical consulting aspects of the development industry.


We strive to make the internship experience as well-rounded as possible. You won’t just be shadowing your mentor, but be in the mix right from the start by being engaged in cutting edge projects and challenges and contributing to our work by supporting staff and striving for success as a team.

  • Culture at Alpin: Culture of discipline with ethos of entrepreneurship
  • Dynamic fast paced environment
  • Office and site based immersion
  • Our office is comprised of both professional expats and local hires.
  • You will be assigned a Mentor who will sit with you to set goals and help you achieve them over the course of your internship
  • You will be assigned a buddy who will help to keep you immersed in the Alpin Culture and ways of operation
  • Human Resources will support you in locating local accommodations and visas (if applicable)

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Alpin Diversity and Inclusivity

We aim to ensure that all employees and job applicants are given equal opportunity and that our organization is representative of all sections of society.


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An initiative committed to keeping our employees safe at work, promoting their health so that they can enjoy fit and healthy lives, both at work and at home.


Work as an Alpin Consultant

The relationship we have with our consultants is the core of what makes Alpin unique. They are free to choose to work with us, or not, on each project.