Alpin Healthy

An initiative to enjoy fit and healthy lives, both at work and at home

We are helping our people achieve well-being in many facets of their lives.

For this reason, the “Alpin Healthy” initiative was launched. As well as being committed to keeping our employees safe at work, we are strongly committed to promoting their health so that they can enjoy fit and healthy lives, both at work and at home.

Eating healthy

As part of the Alpin Healthy initiative, we are offering plenty of organic fruit at the office, employees are encouraged to replenish their energy with green tea and at Alpin Healthy Breakfasts and Lunches we offer fresh and nutritious food. Masdar City, where Alpin is located, offers many healthy food options to its employees.

Reusable water bottles

At Alpin, we make quality water accessible to our people by installing only BPA-free water coolers. The use of BPA-free reusable water bottles also reinforces our commitment to the environment.

Safe and healthy working conditions

Alpin implements preventive measures to maintain the good health of employees. A rigorous cleaning and sanitation plan is implemented to avoid the spreading of germs. Training is offered to our people to ensure that health and safety is a priority in their lives. Employees are encouraged to look after their wellbeing, and receive guidance and coaching on health related matters such as first aid, occupational health and safety, nutrition and better eating habits, quit smoking and many others. Safe and healthy working conditions are maintained at all times, minimizing the potential for accidents. Furthermore, safe driving practices are constantly promoted by Alpin.

Sports and recreation

Another focus of the Alpin Healthy initiative is to organize sports and team activities for employees and to promote active forms of recreation. Alpin encourages its people to take part in activities like walkathons, fitness events or team exercise by sponsoring community events. Alpin’s regularly scheduled team building activities promote comradery and fitness, and lead to great team synergy and enhanced self-esteem of employees.

promote employee wellbeing

Our people are the most valuable asset.

Energy efficient commercial interior and WELL Certified Silver + LEED Gold certified

The Alpin office’s environment fosters employee well-being. Alpin’s headquarters in Masdar City has been awarded by the International Well Building Institute and US Green Building Council with the employee focused WELL Certified and energy-efficient LEED Gold for its commercial interiors. The Alpin office has been the first to receive this designation in the Middle East.

Vitality in the workplace

Alpin’s people benefit from a comfortable work environment with 100 percent natural lighting, 100 percent views to the outside for all offices, and fresh air quality that exceeds ASHRAE standards by 30 percent. Cleaning products used are environmentally friendly which is healthier for employees and friendly to the environment. Alpin’s ergonomic office furniture and equipment offers comfortable working conditions for its people and allows them to maintain their fitness and vitality in the workplace.

Hani Fitbit Hero Interview

In Spirit of Dubai Fitness Challenge 2018, our very own Hani Abdel Razeo (Senior Sustainability Consultant at Alpin) has shared his inspirational story with Fitness in DXB on how he has dropped half of his weight through sheer hard work.

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At Alpin we care about our staff’s well-being and practice what we preach. Since most people spend 80-90% of their time indoors, our indoor air quality is one of the most important drivers of human health, and we believe that by live tracking our team’s air quality we can adjust our operational parameters in a continually improving cycle. Oh, and our operations team is convinced that it is good for the commercial bottom line as well.

– Jourdan Younis Managing Director, LEED + WELL Faculty

Alpin is WELL Silver certified, the world’s first building standard that focuses exclusively on human health and wellness.

Learn more about WELL

Average Air Quality Readings At Alpin's Masdar City HQ

Last updated January 20, 2020


Global Pollution Index (Good)


Particulate Matter (µg/m3)


Volatile Organic Compounds (ppb)


Carbon Dioxide (ppm)


Degrees C


Relative Humidity (%)

The readings are for indoor air quality readings taken from our foobot live air quality monitor

Alpin is proud to foster an optimistic, positive attitude amongst its team members which leads to a greater eagerness to succeed, along with the energy to do so.

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As a young-at-heart company brimming with creative energy, we are always searching for talented individuals who can support our passion for sustainability and excellence.


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We aim to ensure that all employees and job applicants are given equal opportunity and that our organization is representative of all sections of society.


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Internships with Alpin attract talented, innovative and motivated individuals, fresh from academia training, into our challenging working environment.


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The relationship we have with our consultants is the core of what makes Alpin unique. They are free to choose to work with us, or not, on each project.


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