Alpin Global Experts Program

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Alpin Global Experts Program

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Alpin is bringing together the brightest minds in our fields to support us in delivering world-class built environment projects as part of Alpin’s Global Experts Partner Consultants Program.

Our Partner Consultants are highly qualified and experienced and they are proven experts in their fields, both locally and internationally.

From day one of the Alpin Global Experts Program, you are valued as a team member and empowered to take ownership of your work and ideas.

What makes Alpin unique is the relationships we nurture with our Global Experts. Once qualified as an approved and established Partner Consultant, you will be able to support and collaborate with our in-house teams on a wide array of exciting projects of your choice all across the globe, as part of our independent work model that promotes critical thinking and a solution-based approach.

The time commitment can range from a few flexible hours per month on a per-project basis to ongoing long-term engagements. The work can be done on-site or remotely (home office).

What you can expect from us

As a trusted and independent Alpin Global Expert Partner Consultant, you will be in control of your time. We will support you in finding the right project that is the best fit for you and ensuring a positive outcome that meets your goals, both on a professional and personal level.

  • We build up our Alpin culture through our people and we want you to be part of that culture, which promotes discipline with the ethos of entrepreneurship;
  • We invest in getting to know our consultant as a person and not just professionally.
  • We focus on creating personal bonds and making sure that your projects, and the work you do on them, match your aspirations and career goals;
  • We value all the experiences and insights you bring to the table, not just the ones you have garnered on a professional level but also your personal experiences to enrich our Alpin community;
  • We recognize that strong teammates make all the difference. As part of our teams, you will be working with colleagues of similarly exceptional caliber;
  • We champion high ethical values and you will be treated, at all times, with honesty, fairness, and dignity;
  • We understand that people do not always see eye to eye. Conflicts are resolved by dialogue in a professional and caring manner, always respecting individuals whatever the issue or the outcome; and
  • We empathize that it takes time to integrate into a team, and as such, you will have an Alpin buddy with you from day one, who will help to keep you immersed in the Alpin Culture and the way we do business.

Alpin Global Experts Consultants will be provided access to Alpin Innovation Labs and the exciting work we do to create a more sustainable future. You will also have access to the Alpin’s Policies, Manuals, Templates, and the Online Library.

What we expect from you

  • Treat the company at all times with honesty, openness, fairness, and dignity;
  • Adhere to all Policies and Procedures (where applicable);
  • Respect local customs, traditions, and cultural norms in the region;
  • Use company resources in the company’s best interest and do not misuse these resources;
  • Distinguish between the company and private interests and avoid possible conflicts of interest; do not accept gifts, invitations, and similar favors, which could interfere with this principle. All consultants must follow Alpin’s Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy;
  • Treat all stakeholders with honesty, openness, fairness, and dignity based on leadership principles;
  • Communicate wrongdoing, doubtful practices, risky behavior, and deviations from policies, procedures, and planned time schedules; and
  • Be Solutions-oriented.

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