Be careful what you wish for BIM and the FM sector

As BIM at Level 2 begins to become a more familiar part of the landscape, increasing attention is being turned to the area in which, statistically, it is likely to be most significant: facilities management (FM). It was always going to be the case that given that there are many more existing assets than new build projects, the application of BIM to FM is going to be in monetary terms far greater. It also reflects the fact that the bulk of a building’s lifecycle costs are taken up in its maintenance, refurbishment and redevelopment rather than during the build phase.

The Publicly Available Specification (PAS) that governs BIM during the FM phase is PAS1192-3. This is described as the “Specification for information management at the operational phase of assets using Building Information Modelling” and it does what it says on the tin. PAS1192-3 deals with the availability, integrity and transfer of data and information during the operational phase of an asset’s life. It involves the use of an Asset Information Model (AIM), which is the FM version of the Project Information Model (PIM) developed during the design and construction phase of the project under PAS1192-2. The AIM is generated through the application of the Asset Information Requirements (AIR). The AIR is the data and information requirements of the organisation in relation to the assets for which it is responsible.

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