Power Station Challenge Story by New York University Abu Dhabi

Our partner IES interviewed our Energy Specialist & AILA officer Farah Ghanem regarding his involvement on the Abu Dhabi New York University Project.

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Beyond the Corporate Spend: The Importance of Giving Back

One of our core values at Alpin is our commitment to supporting the local and global community. It’s a team effort and our Alpiners are actively involved, whether that means helping to clean up natural areas such as beaches or mangroves or in re-building communities when disaster has struck in Nepal and Thailand. Here we highlight just some of the ways we’ve been giving back.

Alpin is a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity, a global charity that builds homes for the underprivileged. Our team members have even taken time out to personally help with projects in Nepal, Thailand and the US, and have been able to witness firsthand the impact of this important work. Other Alpiners have raised their own funds for causes such as the UN High Commission for Refugees, and we have been delighted to match whatever they have put forward.

If you’ve heard about our internship program at Alpin, then you will understand how much we value our younger generation. Our sponsorship program with California Polytechnique gives students in the USA the chance to study in Europe for a month and a half. Aimed at young people with a real interest in sustainability and the environment, it helps to bridge the cultural divide and open their eyes to new opportunities.

If we have had some time together, then you’ll know we drink a lot of coffee at Alpin and that we love a really good cup! In 2016, we were inspired by the story of a Costa Rican coffee farmer named Regulo. We heard about him through likeminded Californian collaborator and colleague, Alex Spilger, who was raising funds for Regulo to travel to the USA. They wanted to help him meet directly with restaurant owners and companies who may want to buy his exquisite coffee beans, without the need for exploitation from the coffee cartels. We are honored to have given him this trip which turned out to be a huge success. Regulo now sells directly to Blue Bottle Coffee Company as well as a number of well-known restaurants across the US.

Really Smart Buildings and Data Analytics

It is true to say that the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly revolutionizing the way we work today, leading to better connectivity and ease in the way we handle and analyze data. The increase in the use of sensors and smart devices allows us to better manage complex building systems, while data and advanced analytics means we can predict project operational challenges well before they arise.Read more