ESG Report

Alpin | Annual Sustainability Report 2021

Through our first Annual Sustainability Report, Alpin is committed to reporting on its progress toward meeting the targets set out in our Environmental, Social, and Governance Strategy.

We know that we make the greatest environmental impact through the work we do with our clients, as our diverse, global teams help world-class projects achieve their sustainability goals. It is our ongoing mission to live up to our own company commitments by strengthening ethical and responsible business practices within Alpin and work towards building a sustainable and inclusive future while making a difference in society.

Our first Annual Sustainability Report provides details of Alpin’s successes in sustainability, the lessons learned for the calendar year 2021. It shows the early progress on our commitments and ascertains the value we are bringing to our communities by highlighting Alpin’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance and the material topics that are of value to Alpin’s stakeholders, including our partners, clients, employees, and communities.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) sit at the heart of our growth strategy, and reporting on our progress in delivering towards these goals allows us to increase transparency and fulfill our core values as a company.

You can download the Alpin Annual Sustainability Report 2021 here.

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