drone building inspection

Alpin’s drone technology revolutionizes building inspection

What’s drone building inspection and how can you use it in your development project?

Because let’s face it, it would be pretty expensive to try to air condition the desert, so we were curious as to why so many building owners were letting their investment dollars literally slip through the cracks.

Whether from old-age, sun damage or a fast-track construction schedule, building façades have a habit of leaking, and every molecule of cool air that escapes equates to higher energy costs over time. Pinpointing these leaks can be a challenge. That’s why, at Alpin, we have invested in the very latest drone inspection and thermal imaging technology, to enable our team to access difficult to reach areas on the building envelope. Our drone inspections service offering was first incubated within our Alpin Innovation Labs team and is now successfully integrated as one of our value-add services.

Our drone’s highly advanced thermal imaging camera captures in real time where cool air is leaking through a building’s façades. Our technical team then advises the contractor and developer about potential money saving solutions. This advisory process is holistic and includes members from our building façade team, energy modeling and commissioning.

What is perhaps even more cool is that to fly these drones our Alpiners require a pilot’s license, which is notoriously difficult to obtain. After six months of intensive training, they are awarded the license by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), in a manner similar to what commercial pilots require. In order to operate the drones, our office also holds high levels of risk and property insurance along with the necessary security permits.