Hani Matar, Principal consultant at Alpin with Dr. Anas Bataw, Director of the Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction

Alpin and Heriot Watt’s Center of Excellence in Smart Construction (CESC) announce strategic partnership

The UAE-based consulting firm Alpin and the UK-based university Heriot Watt have announced a new strategic partnership between the engineering consultancy and the university’s Center of Excellence in Smart Construction (CESC).

This cooperation will benefit from each organization’s strengths to help overcome challenges facing the construction sector and to further prepare the next generation of qualified construction professionals with appropriate skills and knowledge to meet the challenges facing the industry.

Alpin is a leading built-asset consultancy specializing in environmental and sustainability compliance, third party, independent MEP commissioning, governmental policy and infrastructure advisory services. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, it has offices across the Gulf Cooperation Council Region, as well as London.

CESC is a global hub for disruptive thinking, a platform for collaborative research and a model for solutions development and stakeholder engagement for companies supporting the UAE’s vision for smart cities.

“The Alpin-Heriot Watt CESC partnership is the most natural blend. CESC’s passion for advancing industry-led innovations in construction and Alpin’s deep understanding of the sustainable development of the built environment will be a collaborative effort to bring unique opportunities to the new generation of engineers,” said Alpin’s Senior Manager, Nareg Oughourlian.

Dr. Anas Bataw, Director of the Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction, said, “We are excited to associate with Alpin and collaborate to improve the Built Environment. Through innovative solutions and research, we will continue to address challenges and drive sustainability agenda in the sector. We look forward to complementing each other’s strengths and working towards the common goal of enhancing the Built Environment.”

Alpin and CESC share a common vision of delivering unique solutions and opportunities that inspire future engineers and designers such that they add value to the built environment and the world at large. Both organizations have undertaken complex projects with great success and are both unmistakable thought leaders in the industry.