Alpin and University of California Berkeley bring you the latest in building evaluation technology

The ever-changing skyline in the Middle East is hard to keep up with. Amazing buildings are designed and built all year round, however in an industry that is so fast paced we often forget to stop and think about the purpose of these buildings.

Built for people just like me and you, be it business professionals, students or patients, we all have the same basic needs; clean air, general maintenance, thermal comfort and cleanliness, to name a few.

Over the past six months we have been working with Berkeley’s Centre for the Built Environment (CBE) together with the support of Alpin’s Nour Mousa and Hani Matar, to customise and translate a cost-effective, web-based survey, which is in English and Arabic.

”We believe in sustainability for the built environment, and it is for this reason that we were happy to work with Berekley in creating an innovative tool to help optimise building performance’’ Jourdan Younis, Managing Director of Alpin.

This Occupant Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) survey will provide an invaluable source of information for improving the performance of buildings. It takes approximately ten minutes to complete, and results are quickly available.

With this information you will have the ability to optimize buildings and help drive employee productivity, student learning and patient recovery. It is an invaluable tool and with the constant introduction of new buildings, we understand how important it is to keep up with today’s standards.

Not only does this survey allow you to receive a pulse as to how your building is being perceived by your occupants, it also helps inform you as to how well your design intervention is working and provides information as to where to invest in your building in the future.

“we were happy to partner with Alpin to develop a tool which will improve the performance of buildings and we will be offering our CBE partners 4 complimentary surveys a year” Lindsay Graham, Berkeley

We know how important it is as a company to get the necessary feedback on people’s experiences of your building to ensure longevity and success within this ever-changing industry.

This tool is a perfect way to future-proof your building, as you’re able to compare your building’s performance against our international database of buildings. Helping you to gain a better understanding of what design features work and don’t within your building portfolio.

Anthony Moddesette, Manager of Plant Operations & Maintenance, UC Davis Medical Centre said “We manage 2.1 million square feet of medical research space. CBE’s Occupant IEQ Survey allowed us to quickly identify the causes of complaints in our buildings, and was an invaluable tool in communicating with senior management to revise our priorities.

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