Alpin Marks 10 Years in the Middle East

Founded in 2012, Alpin Limited has come a long way – from offering a handful of services to working on 15 different solutions and services across a multitude of sectors today. Alpin has been expanding its horizons and actively looking to promote the growth of its clients and partners, but also looking inwards towards its own team members, providing them with the framework to grow their careers and become genuine thought leaders at the vanguard of their respective fields.  

“Let us start by saying that for all of us here at Alpin, the last year has been exhilarating, seeing many career highlights since we took on our news roles as MDs. We are delighted that we are now part of a bigger tribe, as Alpin’s transition into the Setec  group is complete and we find ourselves as part of a tribe that shares our ethos and values, and it is because of those exact values that Alpin finds itself where it is today: at the vanguard of sustainable development in the Middle East.” – Nareg Oughourlian, Managing Director

Alpin’s global headquarters is located in the world’s first sustainable city, Masdar, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, while our parent company, SETEC, is settled in Paris, France. Our network of consultants spans from London to Cairo to Jeddah, having branch offices in Egypt, KSA and the UAE, as well as strategic partners in France and Qatar.

“Alpin’s 10th anniversary is certainly a milestone worth celebrating. It is marked by momentous changes in the region’s sustainability industry as well as Alpin’s growth. In the last decade, we have been awarded more than 400+ projects across the regions. This year marks us reaching 50 employees. We are proud to have launched 4 different solutions: Environmental, ESG, Climate Change and Policy, and Data Management and Digital Transformation.” Rami Ghanem – Managing Director

Alpin and Setec share a common vision of delivering demanding and challenging engineering and building projects that add value to the built environment and the world at large. They joined forces in 2020 and have both undertaken complex projects with great success and are both unmistakable thought leaders in the industry. 

“The growth of the Middle East has shifted to largely accommodate for a sustainable built environment. SETEC’s stake in Alpin corresponds to our ethos towards finding solutions for a better and more sustainable built environment. We look forward to Alpin’s continued growth with a focus on its commercial dynamism, agility in these growth markets, and high-level staff keen on innovation.” – Felipe Starling, International Development Director, SETEC

Our future looks bright as we continue our University Collaborations with Heriot-Watt University, Dubai, and look towards growing responsibly in Saudi Arabia, leveraging our unique experience to bring quality to the delivery of our work. Our people have always been our most valued asset, and we will continue to empower them to grow their skills and expertise for their professional development. 

We look forward to the next decade!