Abu Dhabi Quality & Conformity Council Conference

The ADQCC is an entity that offers quality and standards services. Their mission is to lead and develop an efficient, effective and globally integrated quality infrastructure in Abu Dhabi to ensure consumer safety and promote quality in all industrial development.

Alpin Limited are proud to have been invited by the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council to introduce the Value of Independent Commissioning for New and Existing Built Assets before the Energy Efficiency Expo presentation. The event took place in the Rotana Park Complex in Abu Dhabi on the 31st of October 2017 and Nareg Oughourlian, Strategic Development Manager at Alpin was the speaker who highlighted the benefits of commissioning for organizations.

Commissioning is at the heart of Alpin’s services and our wide network of consultants reveals the hidden issues involved in design, construction and operational phases to meet owner’s goals and client satisfaction.

To get more information about what commissioning is, watch our Alpin video: