Philippe Ker Rault

BSc, Msc, PhD
Environmental Director (French)

Phillipe holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences, an MSC in Environmental & Civil Eng and a PhD  from Cranfield University in the UK.

He has 17 years of experience in the execution and management of mega projects across Europe that focused on ESIA, Integrated Water Resources management, drinking water & wastewater treatment & reuse among other environmental services.

Phillipe’s experience is strongly complemented by his many professional accreditations and certifications related to environmental management.


“It was a pleasure for Retal to partner with the experts of the Alpin team to navigate the complex landscape of ESG strategy and Sustainability. Alpin provided invaluable guidance to support us in developing a streamlined ESG Strategy and Sustainability report.

The team at Alpin worked on identifying optimal strategies that would have a valuable impact on our sustainability initiatives while aligning with Retal’s pursuit of a more sustainable and prosperous future,”

Leila Al Suhaimi
Business Development Specialist, Retal Urban Development Company