Alpin's Leadership

From across the world, our team are uniquely multi-cultural and diverse

Management and Advisory Council

Rami Ghanem

Rami Ghanem

Managing Director - Technical

Nareg Oughourlian

Nareg Oughourlian

Managing Director - Commercial

Yousef Zakaria

Saudi Arabia Country Manager

Camille Hubert

Strategic Development Manager

Muhammed Shahid Zafar

Finance Manager

Yakin Dabda

Board of Directors

Our consultants have worked in nearly every region of the world

They represent five continents and between them speak eleven languages

Having lived and worked in different countries, they fundamentally understand the dynamics within and between markets.

All of our consultants have hands-on emerging markets experience.


From graduate-consultants through to directors, our consultants have all studied and trained at internationally renowned institutions. Clients are impressed by the skills, experience, and intelligence of Alpin consultants, as well as by their utmost commitment to our client’s success.


Our selection process is simple, but the vetting is rigorous. All of our consultants must have international experience with established technical consultancies. We also take into account academic qualifications and industry experience.


We invest in the most up-to-date technical collaboration systems. This ensures a robust level of security as well as an efficient platform upon which our consultants and clients are able to reach even the most challenging solutions. All of our consultants are not only technically skilled, but also experienced project managers.


Every granular details of our solutions across all industries are the result of Alpin experts knowing inside out of the respective sector.


Alpin Careers

As a young-at-heart company brimming with creative energy, we are always searching for talented individuals who can support our passion for sustainability and excellence.


partner with Alpin

Partner with Alpin

We’ve created strong, long term relationships with some of the very highest calibre of sub consultancies.


Alpin Experience

The Alpin Experience

We’re a team of talented, world class professionals with experience in the fields of commissioning, sustainability and cleantech solutions.