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Thought leadership for the built environment

How we began and where we are today

For the past decade, Alpin has grown to encompass some of the world’s leading voices and thought leaders in the field of sustainable development and climate change, so much so that what started off as a niche advisory service has grown into a holistic service offering that incorporates all of the elements and aspects that would play a role in creating a sustainable development or policy. 

The essence of our work lies in our flexibility, giving us the ability to match the very best consultants to your project’s needs, no matter the size or sector. We draw from a trusted pool of highly experienced, regionally based project managers as well as world-class in-house consultants to create a winning team. This lets us and our clients focus on what’s really important – the delivery of outstanding projects that not only support our quest for a more sustainable future but are also fully commercially viable. It’s a recipe that works, and the proof lies in our long-standing relationships with clients and partners who choose Alpin time and time again.

In 2020, Alpin joined Setec, an independent French engineering group based in Paris, amongst the world leaders in multidisciplinary engineering. Joining resources and taking on the most complex and daring projects possible all over the world, both entities contribute to building a more sustainable, secure, better connected, and more agreeable world to live in.

Alpin’s global headquarters is ideally located in the world’s first sustainable city, Masdar, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, along with branches in Dubai and Kuwait. Alpin also boasts a large presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with multiple offices in the country, including Riyadh and Dammam. We also work with a network of consultants spanning from Paris and London.

Giving back to the world we live in

Alpin supports Thought Leadership

Our work goes beyond simply building outstanding projects. We are passionate about spreading our knowledge on sustainability, commissioning and climate change and policy, and educating the thought leaders of the future. By using education as a tool to effect positive change, we strive to equip generations to come with the skills to continue this vital work.

Firmly focused on the future and fully aware of the role that engineering must play in the fight against climate change and the ecological and social transition, the employees of the SETEC Group have collectively chosen their philosophy: to be “Engineers & Citizens.” As citizens, they express their sensitivity to these issues and want to be active in transforming our ecosystem. As engineers, they provide practical solutions, and as an engineering company, they aim to be the promoters of sustainable projects.

From our home in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi

Our Approach

At Alpin, we pride ourselves on taking the time to fully understand your vision. We are with you right from the beginning – even before the design of your project has taken shape. We will weigh up the risks, and provide creative input, innovation, and commercial solutions to ensure that your project meets and, indeed, surpasses the aspirations of all those involved.

It is our promise to offer you the very highest caliber of support, regardless of the size or scope of your project. Our highly experienced team has worked in nearly every region in the world, representing five continents and conversing in more than 11 languages.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with development teams from across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East in various aspects of consultancy and training. We are passionate about seeing your sustainable project succeed and are here to guide you through every stage of the process, from inception or pre-design right through to operations.

Creativity. Innovation. Passion.

The construction industry is a significant contributor to global carbon emissions, and Alpin has the experience and knowledge to transform opportunities to create the lasting change necessary to draw down carbon and deliver a sustainable future. Alpin has tapped into the potential of low-carbon solutions to provide energy efficiency in built asset design, construction, and operations, all key contributors to carbon emissions. All our sustainability, commissioning, and climate change and policy services align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the global efforts to fight climate change.

Our passion and vision for driving the development industry forward and affecting positive change is the reason we do what we do. We’ve made it our business to deliver the very best sustainable, built environment solutions – no matter the size or scale of the project. We always strive to find your best fit and draw from our highly talented pool of global thought leaders to ensure your project’s success. 

Laser Focussed on Our Vision

At Alpin, we’re on a mission to transform the development industry. We strive to make sustainable living more accessible by delivering innovative commissioning, sustainability, and climate change and policy solutions across the entire spectrum. We engage the world’s top authorities on sustainable development to ensure your project is placed in the best possible hands, from the concept stage right through to completion and operations.

At Alpin we strive to give all our clients a positive experience right from the very start. We embrace the ‘can do’ spirit, and our talented, professional team will always encourage creativity to ensure we source the very best solutions for your project.

Flexibility is really important to us. Whether that means scaling our resources to match your project’s needs, or investing in new cutting edge technology to deliver a more creative solution, you can rest assured we’ll rise to any challenge. Working with a mix of fresh talent and top-tier industry professionals also allows us to bring a wide range of diverse skills to the table.

We know that entrusting the financial resources behind a project to someone else is no small matter. At Alpin, you can rest assured that we have your long-term financial health in mind. That’s why we only focus on projects that we can really add value and success to.

At Alpin, we love to inspire people with innovative ideas. We thrive by thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions to projects across a variety of locations and sensitive cultures. Above all, we are passionate about passing on this expertise through training and education so that future generations can continue this important work.

We’re proactive about finding the very best solutions – solutions that will really make a difference to the countries in which we operate. That’s why we draw on the support of world class professionals – scaling our resources to meet your project’s needs. We strive to ensure our work has an immediate impact, not only on the environment that surrounds it, but also on the people. We love to give back, with at least 1% of our profits also going towards charitable causes.

Our Strategic Partners


BCxA offers a full and growing curriculum, including a comprehensive certificate program, online webinars, interactive “live” webinars and classroom training. Program focuses on the process, skill sets and field knowledge necessary to advance into a commissioning career, as well as à la carte program modules for commissioning building systems and assemblies.


Based in United Kingdom, the organization carries out research, consultancy and testing for the construction and built environment sectors. The BRE has its headquarters in Watford with regional sites in Glasgow and Swansea.


Alpin and Heriot Watt’s Center of Excellence in Smart Construction (CESC) strategic
Partnership One of our most valuable relationships is cultivated with Heriot-Watt University's CESC. CESC’s passion for advancing industry-led innovations in construction and Alpin’s deep understanding of the sustainable development of the built environment will be a collaborative effort to bring unique opportunities to the new generation of engineers.

It is the perfect forum for the development of Private Sector and Academia collaboration, with the former bringing real life issues and experience from the market, and the latter bringining the innovation and theoretic solutions to the fore.

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We’re a team of talented, world class professionals with experience in the fields of commissioning, sustainability and cleantech solutions.


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Partner with Alpin

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