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We partner with you to ensure your project exceeds expectation

Commissioning is at the heart of what we do and we aim to deliver projects that meet the goals you have been contracted to achieve every single time.

Our commissioning services apply right from the very earliest stages of design and don’t end until a project is safely and successfully occupied and operating. You can rely on us as your frontline partner to help guide your team through every single step, from verifying design drawings and construction documents, to fine tuning systems once the project is up and running.

Why is CxA Commissioning so important?

Think of our commissioning services as your vital insight - an experienced, independent body that works alongside your design and construction team to ensure outstanding results. Commissioning has been proven to reduce the need for contractor call backs, as well as deficiencies in system performance. By using our commissioning services, you can also rest assured that your building will measure up to your required standards, such as global ASHRAE, CIBSE, BSRIA and SMACNA, or mandatory LEED, Estidama and GSAS system requirements.

Our Approach to CxA Commissioning

We know that each project is unique. That’s why we partner closely with all our contractors from the very beginning to ensure we fully understand a project’s goals. Our in-depth knowledge of construction and deep regional experience of working with contractors on design-build projects means you can count on us to be your invaluable support. We can meet and address even the most complex of contractor requirements, from solving tricky design issues and sourcing difficult to find materials and equipments to liaising with clients on your behalf. Our approach also relies on strong project management, which involves the cooperation of owners, design, contractors and construction teams to take a project from design right through to a successful, efficient and innovative delivery.

Watch our video on the Commissioning process explained

The Building Commissioning Process - Explained in clear detail. For ASHRAE, LEED, GSAS, Estidama, etc. Find out how Alpin can help you in Commissioning. It is our core service, and clients have engaged our experts for projects ranging from high-performance schools to laboratory facilities to a 450,000 m2 critical status financial center.

Our Commissioning Services

Building Certification Commissioning

Once we’ve worked with to lay down the all important Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) – the vital blueprint of objectives for a project, we guide the design team during the creation of the Basis of Design (BoD). We also meticulously review designs to make sure everything measures up to the client’s overall objectives. During the construction phase, we’ll support your contractors to ensure they deliver an expertly commissioned building, and once your building is occupied, we’ll help fine-tune operations to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • LEED Commissioning: Fundamental and enhanced commissioning
  • Building Envelope Commissioning & Pressure Testing
  • Thermo Assessment and Analysis
  • Estidama Commissioning: Basic and re-commissioning
  • QSAS & GSAS Commissioning: Management of the commissioning process


This is an important service that will vastly improve the efficiency of your building’s equipment and systems. We’ll carry out rigorous testing and diagnostic monitoring to pin-point anything that could be changed or fine-tuned at a low cost. Studies have shown retro-commissioning can save up to 10-20% of a building’s annual energy costs. Our services in this area include:

  • Walk-through Energy Audit / ASHRAE Level I Energy Audit
  • Retro-commissioning / ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit
  • Investment Grade Audits with Energy Modeling / ASHRAE Level III Energy Audit

Download White Paper: Commissioning your way to High Performance Buildings

This white paper covers the benefits of the Commissioning Process managed by an Independent Commissioning Authority, cost savings and viewpoint on high performing buildings.

The report is based on independent data gathered from the OECD™, Harvard™, the US Department of Energy, regional GCC interviews, and the Building Commissioning Association™.

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