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Noise can have a significant impact on the health and happiness of a building’s occupants. That’s why it is vital to control and reduce unwanted sound through the process of acoustical engineering. At Alpin, we apply the science of sound and vibration - acoustics - in technology, to bring you creative solutions to any noise control issues you may encounter on a project you are contracted to work on.

Not only will these solutions impress your clients, they will greatly enhance the comfort and ambience for your project’s future occupants.

Our architectural acoustics services apply to the control of sound and vibration within any enclosed area, whether your project requirement involves working on a concert hall or simply creating a quieter office space. We’ll work with you and your team to help you uncover any possible noise that might cause a nuisance, from traffic or aircraft to unwanted industrial sounds, noisy ventilation systems and more. Our on-site testing equipment allows us to help you make accurate acoustic measurements and quickly identify solutions that can greatly enhance the ambience of the environment. An acoustical study is also an important requirement for schools undergoing LEED certification, as well as being an optional target for LEED NC, Estidama and QSAS projects.

Why Acoustics are important

A work environment filled with unwanted and unnecessary noise can be counter productive and uncomfortable. Whether your project is a multi billion dollar medical facility, aiport, school, theatre or hotel, we will make sure the indoor acoustics are balanced at a level that your occupants enjoy and deserve.

Our Approach to Acoustics

While our locally based project managers are on hand to conduct on site inspections, we also work with some of the world’s leading acoustical consultants to offer you the most innovative service possible. Our impressive global partnership team is made up of 11 Professional Engineers, 4 LEED Accredited Professionals, 3 Certified Technology Specialists, 2 Fellows of the Audio Engineering Society, 2 Fellows of the Acoustical Society of America, and a PhD, as well as individuals with interdisciplinary and advanced degrees in architecture, music, linguistics, business, and forensics. Our San Francisco partners, Charles M Salter Associates, also have cutting edge facilities that offer advanced acoustical isolation testing and simulation. Our reviews are fast and efficient - completed within just 48 hours.

Our Acoustical & Noise Services


We’ve had years of experience in helping contractors meet LEED and other major green building certifications. Even if your client does not aspire to such recognition, we can ensure the project you are involved in is more ecologically sound, without compromising on the sound quality of your environment. Through proper acoustical design, we can reduce unwanted noise and vibration and make a space more productive. We’ll also help you and your client understand and weigh up the cost benefits of better acoustical design, while ensuring the project meets its overall objectives.

Environmental Noise

We have extensive experience in working on contractor led projects, to help assess every type of environmental noise, from the impact of traffic and aircraft sounds to industrial sources. We use short and long term noise monitoring equipment to measure and evaluate the impact of noise and model and predict future noise levels. As well as ensuring your contracted project meets any applicable standards, we’ll help you vastly improve the comfort of the environment - offering solutions that will greatly impress your client.

Modeling & Simulations

We can estimate how the building you are contracted to work on will function acoustically by using high tech computer models. What’s more, our San Francisco partners, CSA, have an award winning Presentation Studio fully equipped to simulate background noise, sound transmission and reverberation. Our revolutionary service allows you to help your client make more informed choices during the design phase, which will result in the best and most cost effective acoustical environment that your client’s project deserves.


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